Things To Do In Hawaii: The Bucket List You Don’t Want To Miss

Is Hawaii your next vacation destination? Do you know what things to do in Hawaii?

A wide variety of exciting vacation options are available on each of the Hawaiian Islands. 

There are six major islands in Hawaii. Plus, several smaller islands, reefs, and atolls. 

A unique atmosphere, rich history, and exceptional chances may be found on each of the islands.

Read on to explore more. 

Best Things To Do In Hawaii 

Sightseeing: Hawaii’s scenic spots 

Hawaii has plenty of photo ops, so make sure your camera is charged and ready to go. 

Almost every road has a beautiful view in this area, and every vantage point is worthy of an Instagram post. 

We encourage you to discover the beauty of Hawaii for yourself. Whether it is underwater caves along the Napali Coast, the state parks where you may follow in the tracks of the Hawaiian monarchy, or the hundreds of kilometers of sun-kissed shores. 

Oahu– often known as the “Gathering Place”, is home to a wide variety of well-known tourist destinations, some of which include Waikiki, the beaches of the North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and more.

Hawaii Island, most generally referred to as “The Big Island”, awaits you with three active volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls, dark sand beaches, and even coffee plantations. 

Maui– commonly known as “The Valley Isle,” is a popular Hawaiian island destination due to its striking vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountains. The activities of snorkeling, whale watching, golfing, and water sports, make Maui the most visited island in Hawaii. 

Lanai–  Molokai and the Pineapple Isle, both part of Maui, provide a more personal and authentic taste of Hawaii with its golfing, horse riding, sport fishing, and other unique offerings. 

Lastly, if you visit Kauai or the Garden Isle, you may immerse yourself in a cultural setting that is both dynamic and varied. 

You may discover more about ancient Hawaiian history at places like Hanapepe and Old Koloa Town and enjoy activities like hiking along the breathtaking Na Pali Shoreline and taking in the sights at Waimea Canyon.

Discovering The Hawaiian History 

Some of Hawaii’s best and biggest museums may be found on the island of Oahu. You can enrich your experience by witnessing the comprehensive Hawaiian artifacts collection in the state’s largest museum, the Bishop Museum

If you’re interested in royal portraits and American Florentine-designed palaces, you must visit the Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu. And, Pu’uloa or Pear Harbor attracts tourists interested to learn about the historical events that drew the USA  into the Second World War. 

Whale watching is one of the popular activities in Maui. The Whale Mall of Hawaii can be found at the Whalers Village retail mall, right on Kaanapali Beach, and displays exhibits and relics from the whaling period (1825–1860).

If you want to explore some outstanding works created by local artists, visit the Kauai Museum. 

Waimea is a great place to learn about Hawaii’s history, including the arrival of Captain Cook to Kauai and the early Hawaiian culture. The Pride of Hawaii or Ha’aheo o Hawaii is a collection of antiques and riches from King Kamehameha II’s ship, which sank in the 19th century and was later discovered.

Located on the West Side, beyond the beautiful Waimea Canyon, is the Kkee Museum. If you want an overview of the trails, flora, and fauna of Ke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon, here is the place for you.

Beyond Water

Looking to embark on a thrilling and safe experience underwater? 

Then you must ride a short boat way from the snorkeling location of Manta to the Big Island of Hawaii. And get wet with some mellow Kona giants.

Or, visit the world-famous Molokini Reef and another snorkeling site with underwater green sea turtles and lava arches with local guides’ help.

Be Adventurous           

Temperatures in Hawaii are perfect for boat trips and island adventures, while the rest of the United States is cold. 

This amazing island hop starts in Lahaina Town, Maui, and concludes on the beautiful island of Lana’i. You’ll see both the eastern and south sides of Lana’i as you sail past beautiful beaches like Shipwreck Beach, reed snorkel, SUP, and humpback whales.

During the cooler months of the year, you can try surfing here, Hawaii’s most popular sport. Millions of tourists and a select group of the world’s top surfers visit Hawaii every year, notably the North Beach of Oahu, to ride waves that may reach heights of up to 40 feet.

Moreover, if you need speed, want a good adrenaline rush, and wish to ride downwind in front of large waves, Maliko Run stand-up paddle boarding is for you.

For hiking fans, Hawaiian islands are ideal during wintertime. Have an exciting hiking experience in Haleakala National Park

Also, you can enjoy a helicopter ride over Volcano National Park, departing from Hilo. Take in breathtaking vistas of Mauna Kea and Mauna Kea, two of Hawaii’s most active volcanoes. And fly above the waterfalls that drop into the verdant landscape below.

Eat Like A Local

Hawaiian food is a beautiful tapestry of tastes and traditions. Explore the island’s abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, highland cattle pastures, and sashimi-quality seafood in the Pacific Ocean. 

If you’re a food lover, then you must try some national foods of Hawaii, like poke, fish tacos, poi, luau stew, lomi lomi salmon, and pipikaula. 

Even though chicken may not seem like anything remarkable to taste in Hawaii, you should seek out Huli Huli chicken if you find yourself there.


All these exciting things to do in Hawaii are possible to experience all year-around. But, mostly June-July and December are the favorite times for tourists to visit here. However, if you are a budget traveler, visit Hawaii from September to October. 

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