Things to do in Shimla-Ideal Place to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Tourist are greedy to look at the scenic beauty fetched by Shimla, one of the ideal places found within the heart of the Himachal.Shimla is one of the beautiful hilly station that offers a multitude activities to most of the tourists who have visited this place. There are some of the places present in Shimla which pleases the mental health of the visitors by its scenic beauty, you can choose to book your bus ticket online with amazing offers trough AbhiBus Coupons today to grab best discounted rates. Those places are as follows:

  1. Annadale: This is oneof the most popular places found within the sight of Shimla. His place is a historical place which fetches numerous numbers of adventure sports during the span of the British Rule.
  2. Jakhoo hills: This is believed to be the highest peak in Shimla. This hill fetches 8000 feet higher and is regarded as oneof the major visitors attraction present within the heart of the district named as Shimla. This is temple which is a heaven to all the nature lovers and is a pilgrim who comes to visit this place has got a historic statue of Hanuman which is 108 feet tall.
  3. Scandal point: The Scandal Point is a flat spacious platform can be regarded as oneof the most popular places to be visited in Shimla. This is completetreat to the eyes of all the mountain lovers with its mesmerising views of the valleys and the ridges. This place is filled with snow-capped mountains on all its sights.
  4. Shimla State Museum: This is also known as the Himachal State Museum because this is present in the heart of Shimla. This museum mainly displays the glorious past of the state of Himachal which was mainly rich in culture and heritage. This place has got a collection of painting, sculptures, and a lot more.
  5. Naldehra and Shaily Peak: This is one of the best place to be visited near the Shimla district. This place mainly offers a good picturesque of the sunrise and the sunset. This place is filled with a dense deodar forest.
  6. Chadwick Falls: This falls is one of the major tourist attraction in Shimla. This falls mainly falls from aheight of 1586 meter. His is occupied with a dense forest. However, the view of this place is totally enthralling. However, Monsoon season leads to an increase in the level of the falls making the place more beautiful.
  7. Christ Church: This is recognized as the second oldest church present in North India. This is one of the most famous place to attract the tourist to the town of Shimla. However, this church is a paradise and is a perfect place so spread peace.
  8. Himalayan Bird Park: This Park is filled with the different sight s of the Himalayan Bird Park. This place is an ideal attraction to all the nature lovers as well as to the bird lovers. This place is only open during the summer time.
  9. Tara Devi Temple: The Tara Devi Temple is one of the best place to be visited by most of the tourists. This temple can be reached via Kalka-Shimla Highway. This makes a great spot for all the tourists to be rejuvenate the mind and the body.
  10. Kufri: This is one of the place to be visited by most of the photographers as this place is mainly important to all the Bollywood actors. This place mainly offers skiing and ice skating to all the sport lovers.
  11. Lakkar Bazaar: This is one of the most famous market place for shopping near Shimla. The name of the market mainly suggest that this place is famous for its wooden objects. His place is situated near a ridge in Shimla.
  12. Johnnie’s Wax Museum: This is a replica of the Madame Tussauds Museum, present in Himachal. This place also displays the life sized wax statures of the Indian figures.
  13. Mall Road: Mall road is a place which is required to be visited by most of the tourists during holidays. This is famous place and is regarded as a haven to all the Shopaholics.
  14. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: This place was being built by the British. This place been passed on by the president of that period Dr.Radhakrishnana. This building is shows a classical study of humanity of India.
  15. Summer Hills: This place is part of the 7 hills which is carpeted with a rich greenery and offers a breath taking view from the top. This is oneof the best place to be visited by the tourist present in Shimla. You can also book your travel package booked with available best Yatra Coupons today.

Conclusion: Find Shimla one of the best hill station in India to see real beauty where you will not miss any creature of God in and around it.

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