Things you need to know to become an Amazon Truck Driver


Becoming an Amazon truck driver is easy, but you must follow specific instructions. Here are some of the Amazon Truck driver requirements you need to fulfill to be a successful driver at Amazon. 

You must be 21 to apply.

You must be 21 years old to become a truck driver for Amazon. In addition to being of age, you need to have a valid driver’s license and pass a background check.

Your hours are different if you drive a commercial vehicle or have a CDL. You can only drive up to 10 hours on any day and must take at least 8 hours off between shifts. You also must be willing to work on-call shifts and be available for overtime.

No special license is needed.

No special license is required to drive for Amazon. You can drive with a regular or commercial driver’s license (CDL). And unlike some other companies, you can be somewhere other than local. Amazon hires drivers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What kind of trucks will you drive? If you have a standard Class A CDL, you’ll drive vans and straight trucks up to 26,000 pounds that carry trailers up to 53 feet long (with no more than three axles). If you have an oversized/overweight permit or an air brake endorsement on your CDL, you’re qualified to haul loads heavier than 26K pounds—giant pieces of machinery that require extra equipment like cranes and forklifts to move them around!

Start as an owner-operator.

Starting as an owner-operator is the ideal way to get started with trucking. As an owner-operator, you are the sole owner of your truck and responsible for all expenses throughout the day. You will be paid per delivery, and starting with just one truck is possible, but hiring drivers can help get everything done more quickly (and if you need someone for a few hours here and there).

If you have enough experience behind the wheel are okay with going solo, consider starting as an owner-operator at Amazon.

Drive for 30 hours in a maximum of 7 days

You will be allowed to drive for 30 hours in 7 days. You must also take at least two consecutive days off from your schedule.

Get paid per delivery.

The best way to get paid as an Amazon truck driver is by the mile and the load.

  • Per-Mile: You get paid by the mile and are only responsible for fuel costs.
  • Per-Load: You get paid by the load, which means you have to unload your cargo and keep track of how many pounds or cubic feet of space it takes to figure out your hourly wage. This method can be more complex than just being paid per mile because it requires a certain amount of management on your part; however, if you know how much weight each shipment should weigh and how much space each shipment should take up (by using a calculator), then this method can be easy to keep track of.

As a part of your amazon truck driver requirements, you do not need any special license to drive for Amazon.

Once hired by the company, some driver starts as an owner operator and work on their schedules with their vehicles. They are paid per delivery, as they have more control over their earnings and can make more money if they deliver faster. This industry is in high demand and has proven to be a lucrative career option for many. 

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