This is what you need to crack NTSE 2020

It’s not breaking news that COVID-19 has resulted in the postponement of major competitive exams, including NTSE. NTSE Stage II was expected to be held in May 2020 but has been postponed, with the new dates not been declared yet.

Those who are preparing for NTSE Stage I, 2020 also don’t have any surety as to when NCERT will declare the exam dates. With a massive cloud of uncertainty and doubts over the exam, the students preparing for the exams have been severely affected.

The preparation hasn’t been consistent, and the focus on their studies has lost its way as well. They are not at fault, everyone from around the globe has been affected by this deadly virus, and people are sick of the situation and want to get over it as soon as possible. Nobody had imagined such a situation.

The exams were rightly postponed, keeping the safety of the students in mind. Health is the foremost priority for everybody at this point. With schools and coaching centres shut, students are finding it difficult to study consistently.

However, keeping in mind this pain point of students in the current scenario, myPAT, online learning and assessment platform, has started its free 14-day trial period for NTSE courses as well as other courses. You can visit the website and register yourself for free.

What is the trial period, and how is it helpful?

The trial period allows you to attempt concept and one full test (4-hour for SAT & MAT) from NTSE subjects and chapters. Practising on myPAT will help you get concept clarity and identify strengths and weaknesses. Once you take the concept test or the full test on myPAT, you will receive an in-depth,personalised analysis of your attempt.

There are features like Comparative analysis that can help you compare your performance with the topper and average scorers.The Comparative Analysis feature can be used in the following five steps:

  • Student Representation through Colours: Your performance is represented by the colour “Blue”. The average student’s performance is shown by the colour “Yellow”. The topper’s performance is indicated by the colour “Green”.
  • Comparison by different Parameters: You can also compare your subject-wise performance based on the type of question, difficulty and skill.
  • In-depth Comparison using Filters: You can easily choose to view the comparison under filters like Test Score, Attempt Rate, Accuracy Rate, Negative Marks and Time Taken.
  • Problem Identification: You can check whether the question attempted by you is correct or incorrect.
  • Finding Solution to the Problem: The detailed solution of every question is also available to help you understand the right way of solving a particular question.

With such an analysis, you can boost your preparation and race ahead of your competitors. NTSE has two sections: MAT & SAT. Both require an equal amount of practice and regular studies. If you crack NTSE Stage 1 and Stage 2, you will be eligible for the coveted NTSE Scholarship that holds a significant value in the academic field.

In these desperate times, it’s possible that you can lose your focus and concentration from your studies. But all is not lost yet; you can still do yourself a great favour and boost your preparation.

The new dates for NTSE 2020 are yet to be declared, and you still have appropriate time on hand. However, you’d need the right platform to study while staying at home. With the myPAT 14-day free trial, you have got the right platform for the same, and now it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and start practising.

Don’t wait, act. Times are tough, but you are tougher. You can do it, and no one can stop you from getting your hands on the NTSE scholarship.