Tips for organizing the best christening reception

The day your baby becomes part of the Christian world is one of the most significant events of your life, so it deserves to be marked and celebrated. To make the event as memorable as possible, you will want to invite as many of your friends and relatives as you can. No doubt, this will make the whole christenings affair memorable and exciting. At the same time, it is also what makes it quite nerve-wracking and stressful.

For many people, picking suitable godparents and the church service are the only essentials needed to sort out. While for others who would like to celebrate the occasion, it is holding a reception, having professional photographers, classy decorations, nice caterers, and other things. If you are among the second group of people thinking of holding a grand party, here’s an overview of how to best organize it.

Choose your godparents

A crucial part of a christening is choosing Godparents. The idea of godparents is that if something happens to the parents, the godparents will have the responsibility of bringing the child up. So make sure the people you choose as godparents understand this responsibility.

Decide where you want your child christened.

Probably, you already have it in mind where you want your child christened. But, if not, it’s time to decide whether you want the christening affairs to be held at your local parish or some other church, maybe where you were christened or got married. Besides this, decide whether you want the service to be held primarily for you or as part of the usual Sunday service.

Decide the date and time.

Next comes deciding the date and time of the function. For this, first, check out with your chosen godparents when they are free. Then, you would need to speak to the vicar of your chosen parish and enquire if they are available at the decided date and time for the ceremony.

Make a guest list

Having your child christened is an important and special time for you and your family, so make sure you don’t miss out on anyone. It is the day that will be cherished by all of the parents, family, and friends, so why not make it grand and something memorable. Make a guest list and add as many friends, relatives, and peers as you want.

Look for the reception venue.

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing a venue, that includes:

  • Location: When choosing the venue, location is the most crucial factor. It should be conveniently available and have accessibility.
  • Space/Seating Availability: Now that you have your guest list in hand, it will be easier for you to narrow down your search. Look for a venue that has ample space to accommodate your guests.
  • Cost and logistics: You need to sort out all details like food, and beverages with your venue provider, a few weeks/months before the celebration.
  • Goodwill: It depends on your chosen venue how impressive and unforgettable your event will be. Hence, before finalizing the venue, you should check out its reviews.
  • Basic amenities: You need to look for extras like catering, parking, cab, and complimentary services (if any).
  • Vibes and aesthetics: Last but not least, christenings are not a usual occasion like a wedding or birthday party that needs an ultra-glam venue. But one thing is sure you need to choose a venue that suits the event and gives the vibes that fill the heart of your guests.

Among all aspects of holding a christening reception, finding the most suitable venue conveniently located and can be styled to suit the occasion is a strenuous task.

Author Name: Ester Adams