Tips To Choose The Right Car For You

Buying a new car is an exciting event, but the range of options can be intimidating. Research cars and local dealers to start narrowing things down. Consider your budget and look at available options that fit your lifestyle. Decide what size car you want to be based on your family situation and transportation needs. All these steps might seem a bit overwhelming, but they can help you save a lot of money. So mentioned below are the steps which will answer your query of 

 “what kind of car should I get?”

  • Car size

Buy a smaller car if you want to save money. Except for luxury sports cars, small cars generally cost less than larger models. They also use less fuel, saving you money in the long run. Choose a smaller car if it fits your lifestyle and fits your family comfortably inside. Many small cars are surprisingly roomy inside. Visit the dealer to see them in person before you dismiss them because they are too cramped.

  • Avoid 2-door cars for a family of more than 2 people

If you have children, plan to have children shortly, or regularly drive around friends or family, opt for a 4-door car over a small 2-door car. The process of moving the front seat to allow rear seat passengers to get in and out of the car is likely to get tedious over time. Sedans and 2-door hatchbacks are good choices with the options available on the market.

  • Get a full-size minivan or SUV that will suit a large family

If you regularly transport 4 or more people and need a lot of luggage space, choose a large vehicle to suit your needs. A minivan or SUV can carry up to 8 passengers if equipped with a second-row bench. Some large vans hold up to 15 people.

  • If you regularly transport large objects, choose a pick-up truck. 

Pick-up trucks are popular and powerful vehicles with many options and functions. If you intend to tow a trailer or tow multi-ton loads, look for a full-size, heavy-duty pickup truck. If your cargo hauling needs mostly involve hauling dirty items you wouldn’t want inside the vehicle, such as construction debris and mulch, choose a compact pickup.

  • Budget and car specifications

Work out a budget for your car. As a general rule, car payments should not exceed 15% of your monthly salary. This percentage gives you room to cover your other monthly expenses, such as rent or mortgage, food, bills, and car insurance payments. Use a phone app or an Excel spreadsheet to calculate your regular monthly expenses, including money spent on entertainment and leisure, to see if more of your budget can be used for your car. So next time remember these points if you wonder “what kind of car should I get” 


 When deciding between a new and a used car, your budget will be the most important consideration. Used cars generally offer better value, but require careful inspection by an expert to ensure they are in good condition. Avoid buying a car that has many owners, which is usually a bad sign.

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