Tips to Successfully Manage a Virtual Team

No one will deny the fact that we live in an interconnected world. We are so much intertwined with it that we don’t have to leave our comfort zone to get the work done. As a result, big multinationals and new job seekers are ripping the benefits of virtual teams. 

The internet has helped humanity to create an interconnected ecosystem that can be used to conduct various activities. And big organisations are making good use of it. And with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of virtual teams is gaining momentumregardless of the company size.

What Is A Virtual Team?

In layman’s terms, a virtual team can be described as a group of talented individuals spread across different locations in the world coming together using online communication tools. One of the most differentiating factors between a virtual team and an in-house team is the leadership style. 

Managing a virtual team is entirely different from managing an in-house team. Although, the basic skill set needed by senior managers is the same. But a manager has to adapt themselves to build trust for efficient virtual collaboration.

The following tips will come in handy to successfully manage a virtual team:

1. Communication Is TheKey

Communication is the key for handling any team whether it’s a virtual or in-house team. For managing a virtual team, one has to build a good rapport with the team. This should be your first step, and you should give more importance to communication for a successful virtual team. The main reason for doing so is your team is working remotely and aren’t near you. You can’t reach them by going to their desk or calling them in your cabin for discussions. Thus, you need to be in constant touch with them by using a real-time communication channel. Make transparent guidelines for communication to avoid any misunderstandings.

2. Encourage A Virtual Community

Your virtual team is working remotely outside the confinement of your office. They are constantly working on their respective systems to meet the deadlines without any human interactions. Even if they want to grab a cup of coffee with their team member, they can’t. Your virtual team might feel left out and might miss those face-to-face interactions. Thus, you have to constantly encourage your virtual team to be part of the virtual community. Once a month, you can dedicate a day to fun games and activities where everyone can participate and have some fun time. Make sure that this community is open for all 24/7 so that team members from different time zones don’t feel left out.

3. Provide Them With The Resources And Unique Benefits

As your virtual team is working from their home and not coming to the office physically, they are helping you to cut the cost for office amenities. They are still contributing towards the growth of the organisation. Thus, you should provide them with all the resources they need to work efficiently. You can reimburse them for their connectivity cost, travel expenses, maintenance cost, etc. You can boost their morale by frequently sending them with employee perks and benefits such as rewards or trips. Try new things to make them feel good about working for the company. This will reflect in their work and will help in creating a feeling of belongingness towards the company.

4. Understand Differences

A virtual team is created with employees working all around the globe. As they are working globally, differences will exist as well. Try to understand the fact that everyone has their views and opinions. As a manager, you’ve to accept this fact and manage the team accordingly. Along with cultural differences, individual differences also exist when it comes to working style. Make sure that you devise a plan that is flexible to accommodate those different needs of individuals. Taking such steps will help your team to work efficiently. And it will also help to develop a comfortable working environment.

It’s not easy to manage your own virtual team as they have their unique set of challenges. But, virtual teams help a company to acquire diverse talent that can be highly rewarding. Virtual team building is one of the most beneficial ways to utilise talented resources around the globe. To improve your leadership skills at work, these above-mentioned tips will help you.Also, you’ll be able to manage your virtual team efficiently towards the company’s objectives and goals. 

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