5 Tips to Survive the Snow and Ice with Your Jeep

Are you willing to learn 5 tips that help you survive the snow and ice with your Jeep? Just check out the article now.

Image Source: Four Wheeler Network

In some parts of the world, the intense winter snow hits all over frequently every year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be taking your Jeep out of the garage for your daily tasks. Some of you would be living in the areas that are covered with snow for almost 1/3rd or maybe 2/3rd of the year. So you just need to be prepared for that. Here’re a few things useful tips to survive the snow and ice with your jeep. So let’s dive in:

How to Drive?

You don’t have to be scared of the winter drive. You just need little more concentration and awareness. Just imagine yourself tiptoeing on the ice, and that’s exactly how your drive is going to be. Keep in mind; the small & slow motion is the key. In case you jeep starts to skid, steer carefully and keep light pressure on the gas. Don’t push the brakes if you skid the sideways. Most importantly, drive defensively and keep the head on a swivel.

Why Warm Up

Most of you think that allowing the engine to warm up longer than it usually than it takes is the wastage of gas. Frankly, it’s not. In fact, warming up the engine enhances its efficiency. Since the weather is frosty and you just can’t drive sitting in a car that’s freezing inside. It’s imperative to warm it up properly and scrape off the ice and snow stuck on the window. In short, clear up the mess, warm it up and then drive. As simple as that.

Stay Away from trees

While driving, keep away from the trees. Why? It’s because the snow melts around trees first due to the heat they exhale. Consequently, the pockets around are filled with light wind-driven snow thereby making for a real trap. So all the Fancy-Jeepers! Stay Away from the trees when it’s snowing heavily.

Go Snow to Snow

Since you are least likely to find the dry road to drive on, you’ll need to go for a better alternative to drive safely. For sure, most of the road would either be covered with either snow or Ice. While drive, make sure that you drive from snow-snow to have the best traction. The weird combo of going snow to ice won’t turn up safer.

 Traction and Stability Control

If it’s the new Jeep that you’re driving, you’ll surely be having a perfectly working electronic traction and stability control. For those of you having this system not working, get it fixed at reliable Jeep Service Dubai.

The Electronic Traction and Stability control are of great help when it comes to maintaining the control of the car. Traction control is supposed to monitor relative speed between the driven wheels, and the stability control adds sideways sensors Stability. If you have both of these in order, the likelihood of the safe snow-jeep drive increases.

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