To wash or not? High-pressure apparatus.

A high-pressure cleaner is a device that no cleaning company or car wash can do without today.

You can call a cleaning company that will assess your particular case and applies the necessary tools. To be satisfied with the result, take responsibility for the choice of the company: read the reviews, see the full list of services, use the consultation, and go to the company’s website, it should be of high quality and informative, for example,

Clean the facade of the building or the area adjacent to it from dirt, wash the car to a shine, and clean up the garage – a pressure washer will cope with any of these tasks.

Selecting a pressure washer

Before choosing a high-pressure washer, you should decide on the purpose of its use. There are the following classes of equipment:

  1. higher (devices designed for processing large objects, agricultural and construction equipment);
  2. medium (devices for everyday cleaning of surfaces in production, as well as car washing);
  3. initial (mobile devices used for irregular cleaning of objects from pollution).

By choosing a portable pressure washer, the owner gets the opportunity to use it anywhere. The equipment fits easily into the trunk of a car and operates at a voltage of 230 V.

Advantages of the pressure washer

The principle of operation of the unit is based on the supply of a jet of water under high pressure, resulting in the “knocking out” of contaminants from the surface to be cleaned.

The main advantages of the device include:

  • High efficiency (elimination of dirt in hard-to-reach places)
  • Minimum contact with a contaminated surface
  • Economical water consumption
  • No need for special detergents

Criteria for selecting a pressure washer

Pump delivery

The effectiveness of surface cleaning directly depends on the pressure indicators created by the water jet. Many models are equipped with a control panel, with the help of which it is possible to independently regulate the pressure in the apparatus, on which the water consumption also depends.

Water heating

To remove heavy soiling, one water jet may not be enough. High-pressure cleaners with the possibility of heating water not only reduce the operating time of the device by up to 50%, but also provide high cleaning results.


The nozzle is a part of a high-pressure apparatus that forms a geometrically defined water jet of the desired trajectory, with large and interconnected drops. The increase in cleaning efficiency, in this case, is due to an increase in mechanical pressure impact by 40%.

It is better to entrust the final choice of a high-pressure apparatus to professionals who understand not only the design of the equipment but can also recommend one or another model, depending on the area and frequency of use of the apparatus.

Washing with such a device is much easier, and the result of cleanliness will not keep you waiting!