Top 10 Career Option after MCA Courses

There is a plethora of job opportunities available in the market after the completion of MCA and earning a degree from a reputed institute. From designing video games to managing healthcare information, candidates having an MCA degree will have great opportunities for employment in top IT companies and top consultancy firms. If you pursue the course from one of the best colleges for MCA courses in Pune, a buzzing automotive and IT hub, you will have an even better chance for placement in the top IT companies.

With an MCA degree from the best colleges for MCA courses in Pune, like Dr D.Y Patil Institute of MCA, MBA, there are a lot of choices and job opportunities many exciting fields that you can avail after the completion of the course. Here are the top 10 of those careers that you can pursue after earning an MCA degree:

1) System Analyst:

A system analyst is the one who designs innovative IT solutions to drive businesses and analyse the current computer system as well as enhance its efficiency. They are the bridge between the software developers and the clients as they study the current business situation, business processes and models, and design better IT solutions for the clients.

2) Software Consultant:

After passing out from the best colleges for MCA courses in Pune, you can work as a software consultant as it is a very popular career option today. It is their responsibility to evaluate business and its processes and provide the corresponding software solutions to drive efficiency. Working as a consultant, you can either be self-employed or work for a firm.

3) IT specialist in Banks

With most of the functions performed online nowadays, banks are in a constant need of IT specialist. From handling computer systems to designing the bank’s website, there are vacancies for IT specialist in most banks as they keep on opening branches in the remotest corners of the country.

4) Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer:

Software Developers design, maintain, install and test the software systems as well as analyse client requirements and keep them in mind while designing the system.

5) Web Designer and Developer:

 Being an MCA degree holder from the best colleges for MCA courses in Pune will give you a chance to become a Web Designer/Developer if you have a creative blend of mind, colour sense, and font style as well as be well-versed in the required software.

6)  Troubleshooter:

Troubleshooters make sure that the technology is easily accessible to those who require it and resolves issues so projects are delivered on time.

7) Technical Writer:

With a blend of technology and your creative writing skills, technical writing can be a good option if you’re interested in the latest technologies and want to write on them.

8) Software Application Architect:

Make high-level decisions in architecture and design of IT products and services as a software application architect after your MCA course.

9) Hardware Engineer:

If you like working with computer hardware such as hard disk, wires, circuit boards, computer chips, printers, keyboards, routers, and so on, you can even be a hardware engineer and test hardware equipment.

10) Systems Developer/Engineer:

With the Dr D.Y Patil Institute of MCA, MBA and other great colleges in Pune offering the best placement options, you can opt for being a system developer and write codes and design programs for operating systems and other software.