Top 10 Jewellery Items to Have in Your Wardrobe

We are all aware of the significance and love people have for their jewellery items. Women and men both love to adorn themselves with different styles and designs of jewellery, although we may have to give a slight edge here to women. Women like their jewellery items to be elaborate and creatively designed, but men mostly prefer a simple yet elegant design, like a Punjabi Kada.

Let’s look at a few of the most popular jewellery designs in India which you absolutely should have in your closet for daily wear as well as for some pretty special occasions:

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1. Kamarband for Waist

Kamarband, also known as ‘belly chain’ or ‘waist chain’ is one of the most beautiful accessories in South India. This is made using a thick belt of gold or silver with a small clasp around at one location to adjust the size. There is a large or small ornament or accessory at the centre of this band which makes it a highlight and keeps it balanced. The kamarband design can be extensively elaborated or with a simple design and is a very essential part of the bridal jewellery items list in South India.

2. Choker for Neck

A choker is a necklace that is short in length and stays closely fit around the neck. These necklaces usually range from 14 to 18 inches in length. The choker designs are usually light, so they don’t cause discomfort while wearing through the long day. These are ideal accessories to wear for special occasions like cocktail parties, anniversaries, special dinners, and even formal functions like office or business parties. 

3. Bangles for Wrists

In India, the Bangles hold a special significance everywhere. Bangles for women are crafted in several designs to cater for different likes and choices. Young girls also like to experiment with different patterns and designs of bangles. Whether it’s school-going children or working professionals, bangles are used by every woman and girl for special occasions like on weddings, when visiting a family or friend, a special pooja, or just daily wear; they never lose their charm and significance.

4. Studs for Ears

Beautifying your ears also with charming earrings from Adinas Jewels is lovable. Studs are small earrings that pass through the piercing in the earlobe and have a lock behind which holds them in place. These earrings are embellished with gemstones, or even diamonds to make them attractive. Studs can be worn anywhere and at any time, however, unmarried girls mostly prefer these since they’re small and women can wear them alongside other related jewellery. They can portray a symbol of class and style.

5. Pendant for Neck

A pendant is surely one of the most adored and worn gold jewellery items by men and women alike. The sophistication provided with just a chain and an ornament cannot be granted by any other jewellery item. The pendants can be worn for many reasons like a gift from someone special, a religious reason, to show off one’s personality, and much more. 

Men also like to wear thick chained pendants as a symbol of one’s style and strength while children like to hold on to special ornaments hanging around their necks. The unique designs available in today’s market are catered for every person alike. famous online jewelry market Itshot has a great variety of men’s pendants available here. They can also be studded with different gemstones like emerald, rubies, amethyst, and diamond for their astrological benefits.

6. Bracelet for Wrists

Bracelets are another accessory after pendants that can highly enhance one’s natural beauty. These can be made of gold, silver, or even threads. Mostly the threaded bracelet is worn because of the religious significance. The bracelets are flexible and can be worn by anyone. In India, even small babies can be seen wearing bracelets like evil eye bracelets, which is there to protect the children from negative energies and evil eyes. For fashion purposes, bracelets can be studded with small gemstones around the circumference to make them more elegant and desirable.

7. Payal for Ankles

Payal is worn mostly by Indian women, around the ankles of the feet. These are made of silver and their special thing to note is the sound they make while walking. Traditionally these are worn by married women during the first entry into their new home. The sound which payals make was to let the people around know that a woman has entered the house. Nowadays, they have become a fashion symbol as well as one of the important accessories in many cultural events like dances. Their most common name in India is Ghungroo.

It is noted that the payal should not be made of gold because gold is the metal of goddess Lakshmi and is considered pure and therefore should not be worn below one’s waist including feet.

8. Pearl Necklace

This is one of the fancy jewellery items through which you can flaunt your beauty in any dress. Whether you wish to go with a traditional saree, a modern dress, or just regular formal wear for the office, the single thread pearl necklace will be an excellent addition to your existing accessory collection. The multiple layered pearl necklace can add an excellent glamour to your enchantment, in any high profile function or party, whether formal or casual. You can also wear this on your special date and will surely attract eyes from everywhere with your grace and style.

9. Kada for Wrist

Kada is a sturdy metal bracelet-cum-bangle that is worn by everyone. It can be made from any metal and embedded with different ornaments or depictions of gods, and or flowers or animals. This is one of the important jewellery items for ladies who are just starting up their fashionable personality, as this accessory gives them the chance to experiment with different metals, embellishments, sizes, designs, and many likes and dislikes. Men wear kadas to enhance their personality as well as for religious significance.

In Sikhism, a Kada is an extremely important accessory bestowed upon Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh. This is one of the 5 Kakkars which a Sikh should always have with them.

10. Jhumkis for Ears

The most popular names in Indian jewellery items is the Jhumka or Jhumki, which is a hanging earring with creative designs embellished on it. These are worn by women mostly on cultural and traditional occasions like family functions, religious poojas, or just casual daily wear for married women. Every woman in India has at least one pair of these gorgeous earrings to go with that perfect traditional Indian attire.