Top 5 Benefits of Power Apps Microsoft

Did you know that around 50% of small businesses fail after being in business for five years? If you are looking at different ways to stand out and are now looking into building an app to help solve business challenges, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share the top benefits of power apps Microsoft, to show you why you are on the right track. 

Keep reading to get familiar with why Microsoft powerapps development is the way to go.

1. Speed of Creating an App

One of the benefits of using Microsoft power apps is that you are able to accelerate the creation of an app. You can choose to use existing Microsoft power app templates, start from scratch with a blank canvas in the designer, or use an existing SharePoint Online list to help you generate your app. 

This is a really important benefit because sometimes getting an app out on time is critical to the success of the app. 

2. Little or No Code Experience Needed

Another benefit of using power apps Microsoft is that you do not need to have experience with coding. There are toolboxes that allow you to design and develop your app without needing to have code experience. You can even adjust screen layouts and also add and remove fields as needed. 

Most of the coding is handled by dragging and dropping what you need. Powerapps handles everything such as libraries, frameworks, and dependencies behind the scenes. 

3. Mobile Ready

The last thing you want is an app that looks perfect on a computer screen but terrible on a phone because most people will access an app via their smartphones. With power apps, you can develop the app for a phone using the same interface making it easy to create your app without going through extra hoops to make it mobile-friendly. 

4. Lower Costs

In the past, apps use to cost a lot more money because if you didn’t know coding you had to hire someone that did, and that comes with a price. When you use Microsoft power apps you can save money when creating your app because there are different price options. There are standalone plans that start as low as $5 per month or $20 per month if you want to create an unlimited number of apps. 

5. AI Capabilities

One last benefit worth mentioning is that you can incorporate AI capabilities if you choose, with the AI Builder feature. This means that you do not need AI developers or data scientists anymore in order to build different app AI models. Adding AI capabilities to your app can help increase productivity. 

Ready to Try Out Power Apps Microsoft?

We hope that now that you learned the top benefits of power apps Microsoft you are ready to try this out yourself. 

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