Top 5 Warning Signs of Addiction

Did you know that 1 out of 7 people you know could face issues with addiction at some time in their life?

Although our society has made big strides forward in destigmatizing addiction, lots of people don’t realize how common it is. The truth is, heroin addiction doesn’t discriminate, so it can happen to anyone you love.

The best way is, you can go to addiction rehabilitation centers when you feel the signs of addiction so that you can get the best treatment. Also, Keep reading to learn about 5 signs of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.

1. Worsening Relationships

One of the top signs of drug addiction is pushing everyone away. Addiction can cause people to become irritable and hostile. The addict may also feel shame and try to remove themselves from people’s lives.

Having fights and losing friendships is a normal part of life, but if you notice that someone has worsening relationships with lots of people, there may be a bigger problem. You can read more here to understand how you can maintain a helpful relationship with someone who has an addiction.

2. Issues With Security in Life

Out of all of the signs of alcohol addiction, the most noticeable one deals with someone’s security in life. When someone’s addiction takes over, it’s common for that person to lose their job, their housing, their belongings, and other necessities. Having an addiction is expensive, and this can take priority over other important bills.

3. Poor Mental Health

In addition to increased hostility, addiction can cause depression, an inability to focus, and other mental health issues. Even though addicts may not be using it all of the time, much mental energy goes into daydreaming about using and planning how to use it in the nearest future.

4. Secrecy

Although it’s now common knowledge that addiction is a disease, there’s still a lot of shame associated with developing this condition. Since addiction can threaten someone’s job, housing, and more, it’s understandable why they’d try their best to hide the problem as best as they can. However, it is possible to pick up on someone’s behavior if they’re acting a lot more secretive than usual.

5. Noticeable Changes in Appearance

Depending on which substance is being abused, there can be a wide range of physical signs of addiction. For example, an alcoholic can have slurred speech, an unsteady gait, and tremors. Other general symptoms of addiction can include paleness, bloodshot eyes, rapid weight loss, and poor overall hygiene.

Since we all can have our off days, you should continue to check up on that person over time to see if these physical changes are improving or not.

Now You Know the Top Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a lot more common than you may think, which is why it’s important for everyone to learn about the signs of addiction. Once you identify a problem, you can help be part of a solution.

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