Top 7 Reasons Why People are in love with KTM Bikes?

The history of KTM Bikes is eight years old in India. When it first launched in association with Bajaj Auto, no one knew that it would be so loved in the Indian market. The first-ever model by KTM was Duke 200, and as it came in 2012, 8,500 KTM Duke 200 motorcycles were already sold, making it the premium motorcycle brand in the country. In 2020, KTM has recorded the global highest sales of bikes by selling 2,12,713 bikes. Nobody expected such a beast model with extremely handsome looks and advanced features. Everyone instantly approved the bright orange color with hints of black, and the rest is history.

The role of Bajaj has been most important in the popularity of KTM in India. Ever since Bajaj launched KTM, it has become the beast of naked streets. So today, we are going to reveal the best KTM bikes.

KTM today offers nine bikes in Duke, RC, and Adventure models. Below mentioned the features and specifications in details of the most love motorcycle in India. You can consider checking KTM Bikes at Droom to select the best model for you.

Here are the reasons why Indians are in Love with KTM Bikes:

1.  Incredible Performance

In 2012, KTM Duke 200 was launched in India, and when it comes to mileage and engine, there is no beating Duke variants. KTM 390 Duke has the most powerful engine of 373.2 cc with a mileage of 28.9 kmpl. The torque of the Duke range is so heavy and powerful that it makes every biker fall in love with it. Experiencing the first ride is just surreal with KTM variants. KTM has set benchmarks in the markets and has won hearts ever since.

2.  Looks & Design

Even with daily commuter bikes, the Indian audience wants a stylish design. KTM was the first-ever motorcycle manufacturer that not only gave Indians the freedom of affordability but launched beast models with attractive looks. TheKTM bike models give an extremely sporty look, but they also add to the personality of its rider. Both RC and Duke have a charm in them. The shiny orange and black face of KTM bikes can be spotted even in the crowd, making them stand out in the market. On the other hand, Duke is the most handsome bike in the market, with tougher looks and an even tougher body.

3.  Affordability

Along with beautiful designs and good performance, KTM brought in India the freedom of affordability. The cheapest KTM bike KTM RC 125, starts at ₹1.80 lakh, and even the most prized KTM 390 adventure is just for ₹3.28 lakh. This is one of the most prominent reasons Indians love KTM bikes and have drifted towards the brand more than any other automobile brand. There is no other brand in the market currently selling sports look bikes at such cheap costs.

4.  Featured and Advanced

Any biker looks for advanced features in the bike at first. More than looks, if anything attracts the potential buyers, it is the advancement of bike models. Fortunately, KTM Bikes have everything that a biker demands. They are equipped with projector headlamps with LED, indicators on the rearview, aluminum swingarm, underbelly exhaust, and multiple other advanced features. It would not be wrong to say that the first-ever KTM Duke 200 priced under ₹2,00,000 was equipped with future-ready features including slipper clutch, side stand sensor, real-time mileage indicator, hidden exhaust, and the best tires. These advanced features add to the looks of KTM and make them unique and lovable.

5.  Largest Sales Network

Comparatively to KTM, no other foreign brand has made it to the corners of the country, but with the association of Bajaj, KTM could launch in every part of the country. As a result, today, KTM Bikes are sold in almost every city of the country, making buyers’ experience easy without any hassle. Potential buyers interested in investing can get the motorcycle on the same day without much delay and inconvenience.

6.  Customer Support

Some foreign brands once were super hybrid in the Indian market. However, their services and costly maintenance never made them take place in the Indian market. On the other hand, KTM customer support is user-friendly, managed by Bajaj as after-sales support of a manufacturer, making the customers stick to the brand.

Final Words

KTM launched their beautiful beast in the market and it is best choice when it comes to buy two wheeler. It is one such brand that looks out for its customers while manufacturing and even after selling the products.

Comment down below if you agree that all these reasons make KTM a lovable brand in India. Keep coming to us for more interesting facts.

Safe Riding!

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