Top cozy outfit ideas to try with your harem pants

If you are kind of bored of the regular top and denim jeans look and you can’t just tolerate this monotonous look any more then you need a new spark to your wardrobe. And the best way to breathe a new life into your wardrobe is to buy the most trending pants in the market; harem pants. 

Doesn’t matter whether you like the biker look or the street style look, whether you are slim fit or plus size, you are going to fall in love with harem pants. These pants are not new as they have been in existence for more than a century but it is the resurfacing of these pants that have made them top the fashion trend charts. 

The harem pants are extra comfortable and highly versatile and they are a perfect pick for every occasion you can think of. But one should know how to style harem pants and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post in a detailed manner. 

Here are a few comfortable outfit ideas that you can try with your favorite harem pants women

Plain top 

If you don’t like experimenting too much with your style statement and if you are one of those women who loves keeping things simple and yet stylish then you must try the simple top-harem pant ensemble. 

One of the easiest ways to style harem pants is to simply pair them with a plain top that must be already a part of your wardrobe. This will give you a casual look and it might become your go-to outfit for every occasion. But make sure that you choose the right color combination as this can break or make your dream of carrying a stylish and simple look. 

The plain top that you will be choosing for pairing with your favorite harem pant can be a tank top, t-shirt, or even a cami top. The main thing that you have to focus on here is the top should always be simple so the focus automatically shifts to your sleek pants. But avoid anything too loose or too baggy since it will make you look larger. 

Crop tops

If you want to flaunt a little more skin while styling with harem pants women then you should pair it with a cute-looking crop top. This outfit looks impeccable for those unbearable summer weeks and even for tropical holidays. To complete this look, all that you need to do is wear a simple crossbody clutch along with a mala bracelet. 

You can easily find a variety of harem pants in the market but while trying out the crop top-harem pant look, you should always stick to solid colors or patterned colors. For a sleek look, you can also try a harem pant with a purple paisley pattern as they are the most trending harem pants and they have become quite popular in a short span of time. 

Tank tops 

Many women who already have harem pants in their wardrobe, just like flare pants women, don’t even think of pairing their sleek harem pant with a tank top. A fitted tank top can turn out to be an ideal pick when the outside condition turns into a sweltering jungle during the summer season. 

This look is going to keep you cool and comfortable and yet it will look trendy, alluring, and chic. But while shopping for a tank top to be paired with your harem pants, ensure that the top is not too revealing and it should not be too baggy as well. The attention should be on your pants, not on your tank top. 

If you want to stick with a sophisticated look, you can try a simple white tank top and pair it with loose linen harem pants. 


If love flaunting your skin and love the bold look then nothing will be more pleasing than pairing the harem pant with nice-looking bandeaus. Bandeaus are highly versatile but they usually look cool only on casual pants like harem pants and flare pants women.

This type of look is considered ideal when you are planning to visit a warm holiday destination. harem parents act as a great substitute for yoga pants as well. So, if you have yoga plans for the evening but have an aversion to those clingy yoga pants, you can always try harem pants and let them help you with those extra stretches and movements. 

Harem pants have resurfaced and now it’s your turn to make the most of these stylish, classic, and comfortable pants that lets you snuggle in and also help you showcase your style statement. Just by picking the right outfit idea, you can do wonders with your harem pant look and slay on any occasion.