Top Logic Games You Can Try Out Today

Logic games are challenging games that have existed for a very long time. Not only are they entertaining and very addictive, but they can also improve concentration and memory. Puzzles and riddles form the basis of logic games. Logic games are ideal for those who enjoy these two genres.

But with so many logic games accessible, which ones are the best? This article discusses the best logic games you may play now, so please continue reading to explore them.

  1. Nonograms

Nonograms are number pattern-based puzzles that need specific squares in a grid. The outcome is a pattern or image. But it can occasionally produce a variety of shaded squares. Nonograms are available in a variety of sizes, from 5×5 to 25×5. Moreover, there are daily, weekly, and monthly nonograms. It is entirely up to you to decide which one you want to play. 

  1. Blendoku 2

Blendoku 2 is currently one of the best logic puzzles available for download on a tablet or smartphone. It is primarily a puzzle of color. You must fill in the empty blocks with the appropriate color. This logic game may help you become a master of color, which is one of its best features. Placing colors may initially appear simple, but you will quickly find that the game needs extreme concentration and mental gymnastics. Almost 500 levels of Blendoku 2 are available for free play.

  1. Logic Pic

 Logic Pic is a logic game like Suika game in which you must use your intellect to color blocks in a grid to reveal a hidden image. This is one of the top logic games since the player must utilize deduction abilities to solve the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, put the black squares according to the numerical patterns on the sides of the grid. Once the puzzle is solved, the black-and-white patterns will reveal the underlying image.

Since its inception, Logic Pic has gained millions of downloads due to its interactive lesson and extensive puzzles variety. You can’t go wrong by downloading this entertaining and engaging logic game to your mobile device.

  1. Brain It On

This is a fun and addictive logic game that will have you glued to your mobile device for hours. This game pushes you to achieve a specific goal. Every level begins with a goal displayed on the screen. All of the levels have different objectives. As an example, the purpose of one stage could be to draw a simple shape or complete another easy job. On the following level, it may become a difficult challenge. If you are one of those individuals who dare to think outside the box, this game is for you.

  1. Unlock Me

Unblock Me rounds off our list of the top logic games. This game needs you to find out how to get the variously colored blocks through the hole. Initially, this game appears to be fairly simple. But, as you progress, you will realize that the difficulty increases. To create additional space for the blocks, you must rearrange them. This game contains more than 15,000 puzzles.

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