Top Trends of Custom Ecommerce Development to Grow your Business

ECommerce development is something that will never go out of fashion. People from across the globe, at some point in their lives, have thought of starting their own eCommerce business. For some, the thought remains just that, a thought while for a few, it turns into a life-changing decision. The fact that every common man has access to eCommerce solutions clears how important it is for starting an online business. The reachability of custom eCommerce development has made it easy for people like you to finally get access to their dreams, however, that is not the only trend that can help you grow your business. Since it began, custom eCommerce development has come a long way. There are so many features that have made things better for the users as well as businesses and all the credit goes to the advancements in technology used by the eCommerce developers and experts.

These trends keep changing as technology is always changing and newer requirements keep arising. There was a time when websites did not require verification while today these eCommerce platforms are the safest in terms of security. It is fair to say that these advancements or what can be called trends change every year and thus, the year 2022 is no less. There are so many things that are going to change and if you are an eCommerce business owner or you are looking to get started, make sure you know about each of them and implement the most required ones. These trends are highly helpful in enhancing the performance of your website and thus it is advised that you pay attention to these while working on your eCommerce design.

What are those trends? What are the core features or market trends that can help you boost your online business and generate profits for your eCommerce platform? Well, in this post you are going to find the top trends along with an explanation of how these are helpful. You can implement them to enhance the way your platform caters to the consumers.

Top Trends of Custom ECommerce Development in 2022

Keep in mind that we are living in 2022 where people have figured out metaverse and augmented reality applications that can enhance the virtual experience to a whole nother level. There are so many futuristic features that have been introduced in multiple industries that now, eCommerce can go up a notch with those features. There are so many trends to talk about however since we are only focusing on the eCommerce development part, here are the top trends that can help you grow your business – 

  1. Implementation of Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality and augmented reality have become the core of creating a modern shopping experience. With the help of these technologies, one can create a virtual lobby for the consumer to experience online shopping like never before. These are really helpful features when it comes to products like apparel, eyewear, or footwear as you can simply imagine how you are going to look in them without having to leave the convenience of your house. The technology is easy to implement and can be of great assistance if done the right way.
  2. Interactive Suggestions with Voice Command

    With the help of user tendencies and big data, you can understand the choices of your user. With machine learning, the suggestions and recommendations have become a huge factor in success for the businesses and since the usage of voice command assistants such as Ok Google & Hey Siri has become popular among the users, if you can integrate the suggestions and recommendations with voice command features, you can get your user to experience things more smoothly.
  3. Responsive Development for Smartphones & Watches

    Responsive apps are truly a blessing for eCommerce businesses. As per the research, we still have not reached the peak potential of mobile shopping. Some possibilities can be unlocked and if you can create responsive designs that fit all the screens, such as smartphones, smartwatches, treadmill screens, etc. you can truly expand the reach of your platform without worrying about the dynamics of the core website. E-Commerce management services insist that you go for a complete responsive bundle to target a wider audience while maintaining your user experience. Yes, in 2022, everything is about the experience and convenience you deliver.
  4. Adaption to Web Applications & Counterparts

    Web applications have certainly proven to be a better alternative to developing native applications. The core reason behind it is the on-the-go nature of these links. These can be accessed through any smartphone and you do not have to worry about changing the UX as you are already doing that in the above-mentioned trend. Web apps are more snappy and easy to use, and the best part, they cost less than a usual app. The concept of web apps is an older one however, it has found its peak in the year 2022 and is here to stay for a while.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making & Analytics Center

    One of the most important things is the analytics and data that you yield from your eCommerce platform and how you use it. Many people in the initial days thought it was of no use as what would you do if you knew where your customers live. Well, the game has certainly changed today as the more data you have, the better demographics you can create, and hence the higher the chances of you making a decision. Everything in eCommerce today has become customer-oriented and thus, the decisions of introducing new categories, bringing newer products, and finding a new way to interact with the audiences should be made solely based on the data that you gather from your audiences.

All these trends have made their way to the latest available eCommerce experience in the market and with these improvements in the eCommerce development, you can surely revolutionize the way people interact with your website and change the game for yourself forever. All these technologies lead to a great list of features that you can flaunt and make the experience even better for your audiences. 

Why is it Necessary to Keep Up With These Trends? How Can You Do it?

Now. After knowing the top trends in custom eCommerce development, you might be wondering if you already have a solid working platform that does not have many of these or any of these technologies. If it is still thriving then why should you keep up? Well, the answer to that is the rising competition in the eCommerce space. The industry is worth billions and with the enhanced availability of resources to meet the expectations of the users at affordable prices, the new players in the market always have a better chance to entice the audience. Sure you may have your loyal clients but whenever there is a new website with an x-factor, it hardly takes a visit or two for your clients to change their minds. This is how unstable the eCommerce industry is and thus, if you are not on top of the features that your competitors are presenting your customers, they might not stay your customers anymore.

Think about it, there are so many examples of such decline of eCommerce giants. Why do you think is still the most preferred eCommerce website? Why do you think made its name while eBay and craigslist are almost gone? Well, the choice is simply yours!

As far as the how is concerned, taking a few crucial decisions based on market research is very important. One of the most important ones is hiring the right people. Most of the time, enterprises have to suffer in their initial days because they are more focused on saving money, and in that hassle, they end up hiring an eCommerce development company that does not have what it takes to survive in the competition. Taking advice from multiple vendors and understanding what can be the most suitable fit for your business is what you must look for. There are strong reasons why custom eCommerce development has crushed the market. People have become aware of the features that are helpful and those that are nothing less than a gimmick. 

For instance, providing a virtual experience in property eCommerce, and hotel bookings is a great feature however if you try to provide the same for a product such as a shampoo, it is useless. You need a solid team of experts who can guide you through the process and thus, hiring an appropriate eCommerce website development company is the only way you can keep up with the trends without getting lost in the glitter of features and unnecessary gimmicks.


Passing using the best features is going to keep you on the top. If amazon had stayed behind and continued the same UI it had back in the day, no way it would have become the number one choice of more than half of the world. Custom eCommerce solutions are the future of eCommerce and thus you should always go for that if you are looking to kick start your journey in the field. If you can find an organization that can help you out with all the features of your choice and makes it easy for you to decide what exactly you want to achieve, stick to it as there are only a few rare ones of those. Implement these trends honestly and you will see the results automatically. 

That brings us to the end of the post, hope you might have got insights that are helpful to you. Thanks for reading it. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:  Scarlett works with the editorial team of A3logics, a leading company offering eCommerce development services. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.