Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a process that maximizes the effectiveness of the equipment with the active involvement of support departments. TPM aims to improve overall productivity and optimise the availability of the systems. TPM achieves this by eliminating proactive maintenance improvements to the integrity of production, safety and quality systems, ensuring equipment is in perfect condition and minimizing downtime and delays in the production process

Regular preventive maintenance reduces the potential for hardware and software problems, computer failures, repair costs and the number of equipment breakdowns. It also improves the data protection, durability and stability of the devices and saves money. Effective preventive maintenance can reduce parts, materials and system errors and keep the hardware or software in good condition.

Team leaders draw up preventive maintenance tasks and plans and assign them to operators. Early plant management aimed to integrate maintenance systems into the product design phase itself to achieve greater efficiency. Planned TPM maintenance is the maintenance activity that precedes the breakdown of the machine.

Developing reliable third-party maintenance services (TPM) enables organizations to expand their IT budgets and extend product lifecycles across the full range of network, server and storage devices. TPM is a popular alternative to OEM support because it allows IT directors to enjoy the advantages of industry-leading technology and responsive support. However, there are many concerns among potential customers about TPM offerings and misconceptions about the technology.

TPM hardware support is provided by independent service providers, not device manufacturers. As more and more companies rely on hardware maintenance for non-strategic IT, the momentum for affordable and flexible support options is growing. While Cisco is inundated with service requests and technological innovation, there are external support providers who can step in and maintain your devices. Supporting business networks and devices is one of the best places to start.

Combining local Cisco Certified Partners with personalized services and a deep understanding of your business, as well as Cisco industry-leading tools and training resources, you get an outstanding service experience that meets your needs throughout the life cycle of your network. Modern businesses rely more than ever on networks and applications and are more vulnerable to loss of productivity and profitability as a result of network problems.

Clean network maintenance comes in a clean, effective and comprehensive third-party platform with our network maintenance plan. At its core, network maintenance is a task system that exists to monitor, update, used cisco, and operate the computers of your organizations when network problems occur. Third-party maintenance providers as a global service offer a variety of services, including networking monitoring solutions, server maintenance and IT storage maintenance. For example, when purchasing Cisco devices from an OEM, the primary offering of OEMs is service support, also known as service maintenance. Maintenance services provided by other companies, as the main ability to maintain the equipment, are referred to as external maintenance.

Simply put, the TPM (Third Party Maintenance) is a maintenance service by a third party other than the principal. OEM (Maintenance Services) is provided by the client to maintain your IT equipment. The OEM increases your after-warranty support costs by issuing end-of-life or end-of-life announcements.

With the Cisco system, the factory of the future is not today, it is coming. It is one where manufacturers of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises, equip their industrial machinery with connectivity so that they can detect when they are running and repair them when they fail. This can be done before the end of the sale (EOS) or the end of the life cycle (EOL), which no longer means the end of the road for the performance of the equipment

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