Trailer Maintenance Made Easy: 5 Tips to Keep Your Parts in Tip-Top Shape!

Maintaining your trailer parts is essential to keeping your trailer in good condition and ensuring it’s safe for use. At Sunrise Trailer Parts, we understand the importance of taking care of your trailer components, so we’ve put together these five tips to help you keep your trailer parts in great shape. 

With a few simple steps, you can keep your trailer in top condition and ensure your safety while on the road. Learn more about maintaining your trailer parts with Sunrise Trailer Parts.

1) Check the condition of your hitch

It’s essential to regularly check your trailer hitch’s condition to ensure it’s in good working order. Start by visually inspecting your hitch for rust, dents, and any signs of wear and tear. 

Next, ensure that all connections are secure and tight. Next, ensure the mounting brackets are safe and have not become loose. It’s also essential to check for any signs of corrosion or damage to the hitch ball. 

Finally, test the safety chains to make sure they are in proper working condition. With regular maintenance and care through tips from Monday Trailers, you can ensure that your trailer hitch is safe and secure for years to come.

2) Inspect your lights and wiring

Properly functioning lights and wiring are essential for safe travel with your trailer. Before each trip, check the condition of your brake, running, and turn signals. Ensure they are all working correctly and your wiring is free from damage or wear. 

Replace any burnt-out bulbs or frayed wiring. Having a spare set of bulbs handy in an emergency is also a good idea. Remember to stay safe on the roads!

3) Check your brakes and tires

Keeping your trailer’s brakes and tires in good condition is essential for safe and reliable operation. Before towing your trailer, always check the brakes and tires for any signs of damage or wear.

Brakes should be inspected regularly and adjusted as necessary. If you have electric brakes, ensure the battery and controller are in good condition and working correctly. 

Tires also need to be monitored for wear and proper inflation. Uneven wear patterns can indicate that the wheels need to be aligned, and tires should be replaced if they have become too worn or cracked. It’s also important to check the lug nuts and wheel bearings to ensure they are tight and in good condition.

By routinely inspecting and maintaining your trailer’s brakes and tires, you can help ensure it is ready to go when needed.

4) Lubricate your moving parts

Proper lubrication is essential to keeping your trailer running smoothly. Start with the ball hitch, ensuring all moving parts, such as pins and locks, are well-oiled. Next, ensure the latch points are adequately lubricated and the safety properly. 

Grease the axle and wheel bearings to ensure they spin freely and the tires roll easily. You should also lubricate sliding or rotating parts such as slide-out jacks, door latches, and brakes. Doing this will keep your trailer running in top condition.

5) Store your trailer properly

It’s essential to store your trailer in the right conditions to keep it in optimal condition. Keep your trailer out of direct sunlight when possible, as this can cause parts to deteriorate faster. Ensure your trailer is dry and clean when storing it, and avoid any moisture getting into the parts. 

Keep your trailer off the ground, so it doesn’t accumulate dust or dirt. Finally, ensure you cover your trailer with a tarp or other material if it is going to be stored for an extended period.


Keeping your trailer parts in good condition is essential for a safe and enjoyable journey. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your parts, using suitable lubricants, and properly storing your trailer can go a long way to ensuring that your trailer parts are ready to go when you are. Remember, taking good care of your trailer parts will help you get the most out of your trailer, so make sure you follow these tips!