Treatment Of Ailments With Healing Stones

Did you know that there are almost 30 different types of stones to which are attributed “healing” properties? Gem therapy, for example, is an increasingly popular technique used to treat different ailments by applying stones at different temperatures. In the following article we invite you to learn more about healing stones.

Powers of the stones

Since ancient times the stones are used to protect from evils and diseases. Although many consider that this is simply a popular belief, the truth is that they are attributed healing properties in many cultures. Know the healing stones and their actions.

Agate.  It belongs to the family of quartz and there are different colors, with stripes or layers. Its properties include: it helps to improve digestive problems and to balance the emotional. There are different types of agates, each with its benefits. Yellow agate relaxes the nervous system and provides emotional balance; blue agate provides serenity, perseverance and intuition; the carnal agate favors concentration and is related to sexuality and the spleen; fire agate provides sexual energy and helps in problems of the spine; brown agate increases energy; Lilac agate was used for insect bites and green agate is related to the heart, liver and gallbladder.

Amethyst.  It serves to stop addictions, helps in difficult deliveries, to treat skin problems, genital diseases, migraines, spasms and to reduce stress. It is violet in all its shades (lighter and darker). It favors the growth of plants, is useful in meditation and, also, to solve deep problems.

Amazonite It serves to relax the nape and spine, spasmodic, relieves headaches (perform circular movements with the stone in the area), has calming effects on pregnant women and the heart. It was used to protect itself from stings of poisonous insects. It is green with white lines mostly.

Amber.  Relieves headaches and migraines, tensions in the back and neck, asthma and bronchitis, gastrointestinal problems, fever, deafness, malaria, nosebleeds, catarrh, bladder diseases, goiter, inflammation of the tonsils, tooth decay, gingivitis and bleeding gums. In reality it is a mineral and not a stone, transparent golden yellow.

Citrine (or topaz from Brazil).  It cures intestinal and skin problems due to stress, diseases of the pancreas, the nervous system and endocrine. It is indicated in patients with renal insufficiency or diabetes. It is brown or gold, of the family of quartz.

Quartz.  The properties of this stone are very linked to energy; it also helps the body to heal itself. It is recommended to carry quartz hanging daily to recover from surgery or illness and to stimulate the immune system. It is ideal for self-healing processes and to help in recoveries. The quartz is white, pink, green or blue, it can be transparent or not. It is used in watches, electronics and various technologies.

Coralina.  In Ancient Egypt they were used to promote harmony and peace, help to eliminate depression, increase sexual energy and prevent skin diseases. It is also used to control blood pressure, anemia, and diseases of the eyes or ears. It serves to reduce menstrual pains or childbirth. It can be of various colors, such as red, pink, brown and orange.

Emerald.  Opaque variations are recommended for circulation problems. Neutralizes negative energies, helps treat sore throats.

Hematite.  It improves the circulatory system and everything related to blood, such as hemorrhages or anemia’s. It is also good to treat problems in kidneys, spleen and liver, digestive system, tumors, cysts or breast or ovarian cancer, migraine, spasms, tension in the neck and back, prostate cancer, regenerates tissues, serves to recover from surgeries and it is an excellent decongestant.

Jade.  It has healing effects on the bladder, eyes and kidneys. The Aztecs considered it a powerful stone to cure kidney diseases. It also serves to treat infertility, neuralgia, migraines, herpes, colic, jaundice, influenza, gastric disorders and digestive complications. Although it is believed that it is only green, there are also yellow, white, black, gray, pink and violet jades.

Jasper.  It is brownish red, acts on the spine, is good to treat liver problems, infections, nausea, and excessive appetite in pregnancy, helps relieve pain in the lower abdomen by menstruation and is a real torrent of physical energy from the center of the earth.

Pyrite.  It is widely used in homeopathy, especially for diseases related to the respiratory tract, such as tonsillitis and influenza. It serves to oxygenate the blood and normalize circulatory disorders, cure gastritis and problems of the digestive system, activates the functioning of the liver.

Rhodochrodite It purifies the blood, activates the circulatory system and serves to treat psychological problems. It is used in children with respiratory problems. It is also effective to heal wounds caused by accidents or for eye treatments, infections in the nails, diseases such as cancer or complications in the liver. Avoid stress and it is pink with pastels, from the group of minerals.

Tourmaline It relaxes the nervous system, promotes emotional balance, is effective in eliminating depression, alleviates the pains of chemotherapy or terminal cancers, as well as acute pains. It is used to balance hormonal secretions and to cure kidney stones. Lastly, we also want to invite you to check out this link if you’re looking for an orthodontist in vienna to get your teeth grinded.

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