Ultimate Moving Checklist for Families 

Even as a single person, moving comes with a lot of stress. Have you thought of how much stress moving as a family can be? If this has been of serious trouble to you, just know that you are not alone. The good news is that you are not the first to make such a move and your own move won’t be so different if only you keep to the ultimate moving checklist for families. Beyond this also, another move that would totally take the stress away from you is the involvement of professional movers Austin, Tx to take charge of your moving.

Either way, whether you are going to do your moving yourself or entrusting it to a professional movers Austin, we are going to provide you with the A to Z of the ultimate moving checklist for families to guide you have an excellent moving experience.

Begin the planning with your children/family

Once it has become necessary and you are convinced that it is time to move, the first thing to do within the first eight weeks of concluding to move is to inform your family, and begin the planning with them. Brief your family why it has become necessary to move and get them to agree with it. 

Make a moving checklist for yourself

There is no stipulated time or period for moving. While it might take months for some families, it might just take a matter of two or three weeks for some persons. It all depends on your available resources and the reason for your moving. Therefore, you need to sit and check the peculiarities of your own moving and map out your estimated time for your moving. 

Once this has been done, the next is to draw up a checklist and estimated time for the completion of each checklist. Segmenting your checklist into sections will help you not to forget anything along the line. At each point after you have drawn your checklist, all you need to do is to go back to it and see what needs to be done next. You may organize your checklist in the following categories:

  • Changing the kids’ schools
  • Packing
  • Cleaning
  • Role assignment
  • And dates

Engage a professional moving company

Although you can always make your move by yourself, either using your car or renting a truck for your move, it is always advisable to engage a moving company. In places where movers are as many, you may be confused as to the best hand to employ. If you live in Austin Tx, for instance or plan to move to Austin, Tx, finding the right professional movers Austin may be a little difficult. You need to take your time to search through professional movers Austin Tx to be able to locate the experienced, reliable, trustworthy, and committed movers Austin to do an excellent moving job that will satisfy you and your family. 

Some of these professional movers in Austin like Greater Austin Moving and Storage, offer free quotes, which is a good way to start your moving. In fact, apart from just moving you safely to your new home, Greater Austin Movers can deliver on most of your checklists such as cleaning, organizing, painting, gardening, errands, day childcare move and many more. Once you are able to locate a professional movers company in Austin, more than half your job on the checklist is done.

 Separate your properties

You probably won’t be moving with everything in the house to your new place. There may be some things that you or your family may not need any longer. You need to package them and dispose. Then, there are properties which you no longer need but are still good enough to serve others that you may be better off. Package them and take them to the donations. There are those that you may no longer need but which you may not afford to give out, you can resell those ones. What remains would be just what you need to move with to your new home. Get them packaged and labeled in boxes safe enough for moving.

Moving day proper

Your moving day is usually a stressful day. If you have been able to locate professional movers in Austin, you would have little or nothing to worry about. All you need to do on this day is to observe the professional movers you have contracted. But if you are doing your moving yourself, you may first need to move your family to the new home and then come back for your properties


There is no one-size-fit all checklist for family moving. All you need is the guidance of a professional moving company or people who have engaged in such moving before. If you draw up your moving procedures and the date, you would be making your moving much easier than simply doing everything off hand. In all these, do not forget to change your address and transfer your utilities to your new home.

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