Under What Circumstances Should You File an Auto Insurance Claim?

Do you run for insurance every time there is something difficult to handle? We are no different when it comes to auto insurance. It is your right to get an auto insurance claim when met with an accident or there is some damage caused. You should go for it without any doubt because of the multiple benefits and advantages.

The next question that might pop up is – which is the right instance to claim auto insurance? It is difficult to make a decision but you should know that there is no such rule of filing a suit. It is rather you who need to calculate and keep in mind some facts that will aid you on whether to claim or not to claim for insurance. 

What is auto insurance?

Auto Insurance is a contract set between the customer and the insurance company. It aids a customer by protecting them against all kinds of monetary loss when there is an accident or a theft. This is possible at the cost of the client paying a premium, which is why it is so important to find affordable car insurance from a company like Freeway Insuranceand when the concerned insurance company will pay for the losses incurred as per the guidelines mentioned in the policy. To get more information about auto insurance, you can get in touch with auto insurance companies in Louisiana.  

What should be kept in mind when filing a claim?

There are certain things to keep in mind like, the quantum of loss, the impact it has on no claim bonus, and the deductibles that can be applied when you are deciding whether to file a claim or not. 

One needs to remember that when you claim the insurance quite often due to trivial problems, the insured might be at risk. This will increase the renewal premium. Therefore, it is always advised not to file a suit for cases like a small dent on the bumper or the paintwork on your car and other such things.

No insurance company can ever reject the claim you file until and unless the loss is not mentioned under the policy. However, one should refrain from small claims that will eventually help during a bigger loss and thus, save you no claim bonus. As per a study by The Hartford, majority claims can be easily prevented with the help of risk management.

When the damage is higher, auto insurance also becomes expensive. The premium rate depends on the claim history and one needs to be cautious when approaching a claim. You can reach out to auto insurance companies in Louisiana to know more about filing a claim.

3 major impact of filing a suit for your insurance:

  • No-Claim Bonus  
  • Future premium cost  
  • Possibility to get insurance later 

Here are the 3 factors on which a car insurance claim depends:


It is the insured who has to pay the deductible amount. In this way, they get very little or no profit. On the contrary, they lose the no claim bonus amount too.

No-Claim Bonus 

It is the amount provided by the insurance company to the insured when the premium gets renewed. One should also remember that this amount is given based on the liability portion and not the damage portion mentioned in the premium.

Third-party insurance claim

A lot of times it happens that the car might get damaged because of some other person. If you can prove it, then you can claim third-party insurance. Auto insurance companies in Louisiana provide situations in which one should file a claim.

Thus, it is understood that we do not have any such rule to file an insurance claim. But it is crucial to remember the basics and act accordingly. This will help in taking the best decision. Situated in Lake Charles, there are many trusted insurance companies that work according to the needs of the client. They believe that providing the customers with the best service is our priority. It does not matter which background you come from, their agents are always ready to help you in the best way possible.

Author Name – Aditya Kumar
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