Understanding Shoulder Pain

Have you ever tried getting your favorite snack from the shelves but could not because of sharp pain in your shoulder? Shoulder injuries limit the functionality of an individual to the extent that one can stop playing their favorite game or quite working. There are various causes of shoulder injuries; for instance, it can result from bones, tendons, or muscle issues. People suffering from this pain can visit a specialist in shoulder injuries La Jolla to get effective treatment and solutions to guarantee a quality life. Technology and medical advancement have made shoulder pain treatment easier and more effective. 

Sources of Shoulder pain

People experience shoulder pain for varied reasons, for instance;

  • The wrong sleeping position can lead to sharp shoulder pain after waking up. Shoulder pain emanating from poor sleeping can be dealt with using home remedies such as placing ice on the affected area.
  • Lifting heavy things without the necessary support of the shoulder can overstretch the muscles and tendons, therefore, causing inflammation. 
  • Furthermore, extreme sports and athletics can lead to an unstable shoulder or even a fracture. Falling or violently hitting something solid can lead to long-term shoulder problems. 
  • Chronic diseases such as arthritis and stroke can also cause chronic shoulder pain. 

Types of Shoulder Injuries 

1. Instability of the shoulder 

This condition occurs after the bone dislocates from the socket if the ligaments are torn, frail or absent.  

2. Impingement 

A person suffering from shoulder impingement feels pain since the continuous rubbing of the rotator cuff results in inflammation.

3. Rotator Cuff tears 

It occurs when the tendon becomes partially or fully detached from the humerus bone, making it impossible to lift the hand. 

4. Arthritis 

Arthritis can manifest in any part of the shoulder and cause a person to feel pain or stiffness. 

5. Tendonitis 

A person suffering from tendonitis experiences shoulder pain and rigidity because the tendons become inflamed, affecting the movement of the shoulder. 

6. Fractures 

A person can experience shoulder issues due to fractures in any three bones forming the shoulder.

Treatment Options 

Any person experiencing shoulder discomfort due to the above conditions should visit a health facility with qualified medical professionals for treatment. Depending on the nature and extent of the pain, the patient can get either of the following treatments:

a)     Immobilization and compression– the patient suffering from shoulder pain get a brace to immobilize the shoulder to avoid pain caused by the movement. 

b)   Medication and Anti-inflammatory injections help reduce pain and swelling of the shoulder.

c)     Reparative orthopedics involves procedures that help quicken recovery by stimulating the damaged parts to regenerate, for instance, through injection of plasma. 

d)    Shoulder instability procedures – a patient with a torn labrum can undergo this procedure to correct the shoulder instability. 

e)   Rotator cuff repair – a patient undergoes this procedure either through surgery or arthroscopy, depending on the extent of the cuff damage. 

f)      Full and partial shoulder replacement – this procedure involves replacing the different parts of the shoulder with metallic and plastic components. Most patients who undergo this procedure have rheumatoid arthritis and severe cuff tear. 

Shoulder Injuries Treated and Managed

At Ortho 1 Medical Group, the shoulder pain denying you sleep and comfort is treated and managed through customized treatment and care plans. The facility has specialists with a wide range of knowledge and expertise in dealing with shoulder injuries. Trust them with your shoulder pain today; book an appointment!