Understanding The Different Types Of Vitamin Tablets

The human dependency on Vitamin tablets is growing by the second. Largely, due to the growing awareness, everyone wishes to indulge in these tablets to give their body a sufficient share of nutrients.

However, accommodating all the 13 essential vitamins in one tablet could be a challenge; therefore, it is vital to know about the various vitamin tablets created and formulated to give your body the goodness of a particular vitamin.

Why do we need Vitamin Tablets?

Most adults compensate their bodies with the vitamin requirement by having vitamin tablets on a regular basis. But the real question is, why do we need vitamin tablets? With the change in our lifestyle and eating habits, it is impossible to provide our body enough vitamins just by the food we are eating. This is where vitamin tablets come into play. 

Moreover, with the growing awareness about how essential vitamins are for our body, we now realize the importance of what vitamins tablets can do to the body, as they not only compensate our body with the daily dietary requirements, but they also help to fight diseases and keep infections at bay.

Most people have realized that vitamin requirements cannot be fulfilled just by the food we consume. No matter how healthy you eat, your body still won’t have the sufficient amount of nutrients that a vitamin tablet would provide your body with.

Another reason why many people depend on Vitamin tablets is that they have a deficiency of a particular vitamin, for which they rely on the pills so that their body can get the optimum amount of vitamin and the deficit is taken care of.

Types of Vitamin Tablets to Choose From 

There are a total of 13 essential vitamins that our body needs daily. While a lot of vitamin tablets have a combination of 2 or more vitamins, here are some vitamin tablets to choose from – 

  1. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex tablets contain eight B Vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamin. An amalgamation of the help with the overall development of the body. From cell health to energy level, to eyesight, to good digestion, this Vitamin B complex tablet takes care of a lot of functions of our body.

2. Vitamin D3

Known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D3 enriches your body with all the goodness. This vitamin circulates in your bloodstream and helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which keep the bones, and the teeth strong. Benefitting the immune system, this vitamin is also advantageous for mood, heart, and weight loss.

 3. Vitamin with iron and folic acid

Some tablets have the boost of a single vitamin, while some combination with other minerals to help your body better. The combination of iron, vitamin, and folic acid helps with anemia, pregnancy, surgery recovery, and more. These nutrients, when taken together, are more potent to treat certain conditions. Iron and folic acid together help in the formation of healthy red blood cells which can prevent anemia. The combination of these in a multivitamin can also be beneficial for the unborn baby’s brain, spine development, and many more things, which is why this becomes an essential vitamin tablet during pregnancy. 

4. Vitamin tablets with calcium, magnesium, and zinc

The combination of these power-packed vitamins and minerals provides the body with several benefits. Keep the bones and teeth strong, calcium amalgamates with magnesium to boost energy levels, fight depression, and lower blood pressure. Zinc amplifies the advantages by keeping the immune system strong and overall health in check.


While there are plenty of vitamin tablets available in the market today, choosing the right one becomes the most essential. This is because you do not want to over-provide your body with a particular vitamin. Instead, you just want to take these vitamin tablets to fulfill the nutrient requirement in the body. 

These vitamin tablets can be a savior, especially for those with deficiency and improper eating habits. Therefore, carefully examining and analyzing which vitamin your body needs the most and then regularly consuming it can drastically transform your health. That is the reason why vitamin tablets are gaining all the hype globally.