Globally, vaping is a popular activity, but even more so in Australia. Several vaping brands are available all over Australia, including premium brands like Innokin. While all brands offer a wide array of vaping products and mod kits, their various tools and accessories can be overwhelming. There are several components in a single vaping kit and even more in mod kits. While non-frequent vapers can do with just the basic tools, knowing the vast range of available choices enhances the vaping experience. Vape tools and accessories are effortless to use and are also fun to assemble.


The basic vape tools are best for beginners as they are less complex and provide a perfect introductory experience for first-time vapers. The basic vape tools are:

Vape Tanks

A vape tank traditionally comes in a box shape, but modification over the years led to a more cylindrical shape. Several brands like Innokin sell vape tanks, which are the primary beginner’s tool for vaping. The vape tank has a small container within itself to hold the juice. The container allows the liquid to flow to the coil area within the tank. This coil heats the liquid forming the vapour, which rises to the mouthpiece for the individual to inhale. The entire mechanism rests in the vape tank along with the power source battery that heats the coil. It is a simple mechanism apt for beginners.

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Vape Pods and Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are an alternative to vape tanks and can only contain 1ml to 6ml of vape juice. These pod vapes also house the entire mechanism and connect to a battery for power. The vape pods hold the juice and insert it into the pod vapes. This tool is also apt for beginners because it dispenses a lesser amount of vapour. But pod vapes work best with high-nicotine vape juices and might not be ideal for people interested in cutting down their nicotine content. These vapes use nicotine-salted juices rather than e-liquids; the nicotine-salts provide a smoother inhalation experience than traditional juices.

Vaping Wicks

A vaping wick is an essential part of a vaporiser or atomiser, as it aids in heating the juice and producing quality vapour. The e-liquid drips or flows into the wick, which is inside the heating coil. The coil heats the e-liquid in the wick to produce vapour. The wick material plays a role in the quality of the vapour, and users can opt for a wick of their choice.

The Sub-Ohm Vape

Vape mods or kits come with sub-ohm quality coils to produce more vapour and power while vaping. Ohm refers to the unit of resistance, and coils of material with an ohm unit less than 1, produce optimal vapour thickness and quality. Users can purchase these kits to modify their existing vaporisers or buy a buildable kit to customise their vaporiser air bar box .

Vape Kits

A regular vape kit usually contains all the essential accessories a vaper could need to maintain their vaporiser for an enhanced experience. Several vape kits exist for coil customisation, vape tank or pod customisation and more click here. Coil vape kits contain all the necessary tools for customising a coil to the user’s preference, like medical-grade scissors, ceramic tweezers, etc. Investing in a vape kit helps users gain a sustained performance from their atomisers.

Vape Juices

Vape juices contain a flavouring agent and a nicotine base and are the central component of vaping. Users can choose from a vast array of vape juice flavours available or even buy a vape juice kit to make their own. Vape juices also come in several types like Nic Salts and with varying PG and VG constitutions.

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