Unlock Your Hidden Beauty With A Chemical Peel

Over time your skin cells regenerate, and the older cells die and form an unhealthy layer, covering the healthy skin beneath it. To reveal the radiant skin beneath, you may need professional help. The medical team at A Beautiful You Medical Spa can schedule you for a chemical peel in Memphis to help you reveal the radiant, glowing skin under the dead mass.

What do you need to know about chemical peels?

A chemical peel refers to a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of a chemical solution to our skin to eliminate the top layers leaving smooth, radiant skin. Cell regeneration replaces the older damaged cells with the new healthy cells. These dead masses pile up on your skin surface, leaving a dry, aged, and dull appearance. Exfoliation can remove some dead cells, but a chemical peel digs deeper.

 On your appointment at A Beautiful You Medical Spa, your provider may apply a regulated amount of the specialized chemical solution to your skin. The dry skin may start peeling away within a few days, revealing rejuvenated, radiant, and glowing skin. A beautiful You Medical Spa uses the most reliable chemical peel brands such as Zo Skin Health, Skinbetter science, and GlyMed Plus. These brands unlock your hidden beauty without causing any significant side effects.

Who can benefit from a chemical peel?

During your visit to A Beautiful You Medical Spa, the caring team discusses your skin goals. They also educate you on the available brands of chemical peels before helping you choose the most appropriate. They may also examine your skin to determine the root cause of your skin concerns before creating a personalized treatment plan. Your provider may recommend a deeper or superficial pee depending on your goals and expectations. A deeper peel produces more dramatic results, while a superficial peel enhances your skin appearance with a short recovery period. This treatment can also treat signs of aging, such as fine lines. One peel may be enough to reveal the beautiful you, but a series of treatments provide more enhanced results.

How should you prepare for a chemical peel treatment?

The results of the procedure depend on the expertise of your provider. A Beautiful You Medical Spa specialists are highly trained dermatologists to handle skin-related issues. Before your chemical peel, your doctor may review your health history to determine if the treatment is right for you. After confirming your eligibility, your provider may recommend taking antiviral medication before and after your peel to prevent viral infections. Your doctor may also recommend using retinoid cream for some time before your treatment to promote healing.

What happens after a chemical peel?

The result depends on whether you had a deep or superficial peel. With a superficial peel, you may experience mild flaking over the next few days. A deeper peel may cause mild redness and skin peeling the following week after treatment. It is advisable to use sunscreen during the recovery period to preserve your results.

Call the office or book your spot online today for more information about chemical peels.

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