Use this Guide to Buy the Best Chair for Your Home

A chair can be a significant investment but finding durable and elegant chairs is not always easy. If you are shopping for a chair, look for a well-made and comfortable one. The top chair brands come with characteristics that you can easily recognize when you know what to look for. Chairs that can last for decades are worth the investment. When you check out Essentials for Living, you’ll see a variety of chairs that come in different styles, designs, and price ranges. 

Chairs that Last

When making significant furniture purchases, you must make an informed decision. This means you need to do your homework first. Start by considering the frame of the chair. Some frames are made from plastic, laminated boards, or steel; however, wood is usually the best. Durable chair frames are made from dense hardwood such as maple, teak, walnut or other hardwoods. Frames with 1 ¾ staple are expected to last longer; however, you may not be able to find out this technical specification.

Other Characteristics to Think About

To check for poor craftsmanship, wiggle the chair. A poorly constructed chair tends to creak and give way to pressure. The longest-lasting chair stays solid and steady when you sit down on it. Similar to your vehicle, chairs have suspension systems!  Just don’t go taking your chair off-road! A sinuous system of springs is the common kind that tends to add comfort. This spring suspension along with eight-way, hand-tied systems are highly rated.

More Helpful Advice

Fabric choice must be your last consideration when purchasing a chair. Best-quality chair brands often provide their pieces in different upholstery choices, from luxury fabrics to leather. Microfiber and faux suede are common and provide a lot of color and pattern options. Also, leather is quite durable and can withstand the test of time. If you have kids and pets, consider stain-resistant, durable materials.

Cushion comfort is a personal choice. You may want a super-soft cushion you can sink into or firmer support. Cushions are filled with poly-wrapped foam, memory foam, or innerspring cores depending on the style of chair. You’d be surprised at the materials and technology going into some chairs on the market today.

Where to Buy a chair

As with other furniture, chairs are available in warehouses, retail outlets, and online stores. While a lot of people do not want to buy a chair without trying it first, others prefer the convenience of remote ordering and on-time delivery. But if you need to really assure yourself, get familiar with the different styles and go and test some out so you know what you’re getting when you order a chair online.

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