Use X Rocker Gaming Chair With HDMI – Know How

x rocker gaming chair

Do you know what an X Rocker is and what is its real use? If you are a long-term gamer, it is nothing new for you but we are concerned about the novices. So, don’t worry even if you don’t know about the what and ifs of the gaming chair, we are here to give you all the information regarding the most comfortable gaming chair. Just stay with us!

Let us start from the beginning before getting to the core issues. An X Rocker gaming chair allows you the experience of immersive sound and you don’t just sit on a chair but it puts you in the right action. They offer the high standard comfort level for long hours of gaming sessions. An X Rocker gaming chair operates on high-fidelity audio frequency modulation.

But what if after making the big investment, you find it does nothing extraordinary? We understand it could very disappointing and frustrating experience as a gamer. Buying something and not able to use it right away is the saddest part. Bit, don’t you worry we have the best solution for you in this article. You just need to stay with us for a while and we promise you won’t leave regretting. We have discussed the underlying issue and its remedy in detail. You can then use your new X Rocker in the best way.

Well, the downside is you would need to purchase another device to get the most out of the big and tall gaming chair. But the good news is, it won’t cost you diamonds! You can buy it at an affordable price online or anywhere.

The compatibility issue

Well, the problem is the fast altering technology which is indeed hard to cope with. The ever increasing demand of faster and better systems is forcing industry to introduce innovative solutions which is the point of issue in this case. As Televisions introduced the digital display and space surround technology, relevant consoles were ought to be launched. Likewise HDMI came into play in the gaming industry. To elaborate, HDMI is high definition multimedia interface. It is a system designed to offer all-in-one cable solution for the digital media and surround sound needs. Believe us, it is way more convenient than handling those multiple traditional cables.

So, what is causing the compatibility problem?

It is the old RCA stereo connectors in the latest X Rocker gaming chairs, the gaming chair for comfort that results in compatibility problems. The point of having the old connectors is that it allows the function of interoperability in the gaming chair across majority of gaming platforms.

There would have been no issue if some gaming consoles didn’t do away with the old connector slots. Some chose the option of simply adding the HDMI port as an add-on to the existing ports while others chose to do away with the traditional connector types. 

What is the way out?

As aforesaid, to resolve this issue one needs to have an extra component as an add-on – HDMI audio extractor or HDMI convertor. Now, the question arises what the device does for you. We have all the answers.

HDMI converter easily converts digital audio signal from the HDMI into the analogue stereo RCA connectors which you can further connect to your X Rocker gaming chair. Simultaneously, it sends a digital video signal from the HDMI to other port in order to continue enjoying the HD video output. This way you get the best from both audio and video aspects. You should connect the other HDMI cable with your TV and the RCA cable to your X Rocker gaming chair.

The disturbing question

There are still some questions popping up in an inquisitive mind. It may be about the compatibility of the console with the most comfortable gaming chair or the need to do for the extra add-on piece of hardware.

Some such lingering questions include:

Is the X Rocker compatible with PlayStation family of consoles?

What about the Nintendo series?

Is the X Rocker chair compatible with several X Box consoles available in the market.

Here’s a list of latest consoles in the market and what are they compatible with – X rocker or needs an extra adaptor


Hopefully, we could get you somewhere in the positive side clearing your suspicions about the compatible issues of the best comfortable gaming for chair.

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