Validate your expertise with the CISSP Certification in Information Security

Cybersecurity has unleashed so many new opportunities for IT professionals with ethical hacking, coding, and other skills that can be used in developing more secure systems. Since the demand for creating highly shielded systems is increasing, companies are hiring more cybersecurity experts.

Organizations are actively hiring cybersecurity professionals for different roles and responsibilities. From security engineers to ethical hacking experts, these IT techs must build, implement and manage firmer and tighter security systems that are harder to breach. 

These companies, when hiring often look for candidates with CISSP certification. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification acts as a validation that the individual has all the industry standard cybersecurity skills and hands-on practice in handling and managing systems to make them more secure. 

Through this blog, get to know how, as an IT professional, you can get into cybersecurity using CISSP. Understand how you can get your hands on a CISSP certification and validate your expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Also, learn the eligibility requirements and benefits of getting this certification. 

What is CISSP Certificate?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP is a globally recognized, advanced information security certification created by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. This certification is a testament that you can effectively design, build, implement, and manage top-class cybersecurity systems that organizations can rely on. 

This certification, however, is designed for skilled and experienced IT experts who can advance their careers by adding this highly sought-after credential. When hiring a qualified cybersecurity expert, many organizations or enterprises look for this certification in their portfolio as it validates the significant amount of experience this professional holds. 

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How to become CISSP Certified Professional and validate your expertise?

The CISSP certification exam requires extensive training and years of experience to pass. Several eligibility requirements exist for candidates who want to appear for the certification examination. Here’s a guide on how you can get CISSP-certified:

Gain experience

Aspiring CISSP candidates must have a minimum of five years of paid professional expertise in any two of the following eight domains that ISC2 has listed. These security domains are:

  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Asset Security
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  4. Security Operations
  5. Communication and Network Security
  6. Software Development Security
  7. Identify and Access Management
  8. Security Assessment and Testing

Candidates must have accumulated five years of experience in any two domains to be eligible to register for the examination. As a fresher, if you’re thinking about how to get CISSP certification without experience, then you can apply for ISC2-approved college degrees. These are of four years and can be counted as one year of experience. 

You can do several other internships (paid or unpaid) to gain relevant experience in any domain since the examination requires that much thorough knowledge pass. 

Register for the test

Now that you have understood the CISSP certificate and the requirements for appearing in this test, you must analyze whether it’s for you. If you feel like this certification can upscale your career, you can register for the test by visiting the website of Pearson Vue. 

The certification examination costs $749, which candidates must pay to complete registration. Several partner organizations provide their professionals with vouchers that can be used while registering for the test.

Pass the examination

Passing the examination is another difficult task, as the candidate needs an understanding of all eight domains. The duration of the CISSP (CAT) test is four hours and comprises 125 to 175 multiple-choice questions along with innovative items. 

Solving these questions is fairly difficult as it tests all the knowledge, skills, and experience you have acquired in cybersecurity. Candidates are required to score at least 700 out of 1000 to pass this certification exam. 

To do that, you can take a CISSP certification prep course that will train you to pass this certification in an easier way. Numerous online courses are available from educational institutions like Coursera, Simplilearn, Udemy, and others that will help you understand what is CISSP certificate as well as the syllabus and questionnaires. 

Passing CISSP can be challenging even if you have years of expertise in any security domain. As a professional online course will help you build analytical and problem-solving skills essential for this examination. 

Here’s a short video training masterclass that you can refer to as a CISSP certification prep course that is designed to solve your queries:

CISSP Full Training Masterclass In 3 Hours | CISSP Training Video 2022 | CISSP Tutorial |Simplilearn

CISSP credential maintenance and validation 

A CISSP certification is valid for three years after passing and completing all the requirements. If a professional wants to renew their certification by paying the annual maintenance fee and maintaining the required CPE credits each year. 

How is CISSP beneficial for an IT security professional?

CISSP certification gives you an edge over your competitors, but how is the certification helpful? Listed below are several benefits of CISSP certification that help you leverage your career in cybersecurity:

Get better job prospects 

Professionals with this certification have better placements and higher salaries. These individuals are some of the most-paid IT professionals in the industry. A certified information systems security professional CISSP salary is estimated at around $99,000 annually in the United States. With more expertise and industry knowledge, it can go as high as $120K per year. 

Increase your credibility

One of the top benefits of CISSP certification is that it immensely increases your credibility as an IT security professional. Since the certification is globally recognized, it guarantees you are up-to-date with recent trends and industry skills. As an employer, it gets easier for them to hire the most skilled individual from the lot as this credential indicates that the professional has the most advanced skills. 

Excellent networking

Once you pass the certification, you become a member of the ISC2 community. You can connect with other CISSP-certified professionals and enjoy more excellent networking opportunities here. There are more than 365,000 cybersecurity professionals in this community. 


Getting CISSP certification is highly valuable in today’s cybersecurity sector. Since the field is growing rapidly, the demand for professionals with the best skills has increased, so understanding the CISSP certificate and passing the examination to get it is highly recommended. 

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