Varifocal Glasses: A Smart Innovation That Needs To Be Celebrated

Over the years, glasses have evolved significantly. They started off just as an optical tool, but today they are a multifunctional accessory and that’s exactly the reason why they are used at such a large scale. From eyesight correction to UV protection, from 

digital wellbeing (blue light glasses) to elimination of glare, glasses have a great utility today. And the fact that they are not only about function but also style, makes them one of the most intimate fashion accessories. 

The dominant reason for the multifunctional nature of glasses is the technological advancements and innovation in the eyewear industry that has kept eyewear always relevant. One of the most fascinating innovations is varifocal lenses, which certainly needs to be celebrated. Here is all that you need to know about them to understand what makes varifocals a scientific brilliance. Read on! 

Varifocals: A Brief Introduction

Also known as progressive lenses, varifocal lenses are a modification of bifocals. We will discuss how the two of them vary, but before that let’s understand varifocals in detail. 

By using a single pair of lenses, eyesight correction for close up and distant vision, and also anything in between is provided by varifocals. Both conditions of nearsightedness and farsightedness are catered to by the same pair, which is made possible by using three different visibility zones. Let’s see how varifocals work. 

Working Of Varifocals 

The multiple focal points used in varifocal lenses are responsible for providing clarity of vision for different ranges of distance. Three visibility zones – namely, near, far, and intermediate – are assigned on different regions of the lenses and each one of these caters to sight correction for different distance ranges. This is done in a manner to ensure that the wearers don’t have to adjust the glasses manually and a smooth transition is guaranteed when shifting the focus of their eyes between objects placed at different distances. 

It might take some time to get adjusted to varifocal glasses and such is the case with all the pairs. But once you are used to them, you will be amazed by the benefits that varifocals have to offer. 

Why Do You Need Varifocals? 

For those who are suffering from both nearsightedness and farsightedness, buy varifocal glasses are your ideal eyewear option as carrying separate pairs for both the conditions is an impractical thing to do. By making a shift to varifocals, you will be ensured of eyesight correction for all distances with a single pair. 

Varifocals glasses can be used as reading glasses by those diagnosed with the medical condition of presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs when the lenses of the eyes lose their elasticity, which diminishes their ability to focus on nearby objects. In such a case, focusing on things close up such as the activity of reading gets difficult. This is when varifocal glasses can do wonders. 

Difference Between Varifocals And Bifocals

Since varifocals are an advancement of bifocals, it is important that you know the differences between the two. There are two major ones. 

The first major difference is the number of visibility zones available on these lenses. While the varifocal lenses come with three visibility zones – near, intermediate and far, bifocals have two visibility zones – near and far. The intermediate zone used in varifocal lenses not only provide eyesight correction for intermediate distances but also make the transition smoother when the wearers shift the focus of their eyes from an object placed far away to something close up. 

The second difference lies in the visual appeal of these two lenses. In the case of bifocals, the boundaries dividing the visibility zones are visible to the naked eye, which compromises their visual appeal. This is not the case in varifocals as the boundaries are not visible, making varifocals appear like just any normal lens. 

Are Varifocals Expensive? 

Well, there is no doubt that the prices of varifocal lenses are relatively higher when compared to other lenses, but when you take their advanced function into consideration, their prices seem reasonable. 

Effectively, varifocals are a 2-in-1 lens as they help you deal with both nearsightedness and farsightedness, and that’s the reason why their prices are relatively higher. 

If you are looking for affordable pairs, it is recommended that you look for online varifocal glasses. You can find relatively cheaper varifocal glasses here and the quality is top-notch too. The collection too is huge and comprehensive with multiple options to choose from. 

If you already have an existing pair of glasses, you can go for an affordable upgrade to varifocals by sending the existing pair for reglazing, wherein it is just the lenses that will be replaced and fitted into the existing frames. This will cost you very less as compared to buying a new pair. 

Best Frames For Varifocals 

When it comes to choosing the right frames for varifocal lenses, it is important for you to consider not only style but also function. Here are some of the frames that will help you make the most out of your varifocal glasses and also keep your style game on point.

There are few styles that you can avoid such as aviators and cat-eye as their shape might cut off the bottom portion of the prescription. However, there are many super stylish options for you. Here are the trending ones! 

Oversized Frames 

The bigger the lenses, the wider the field of vision. With large lenses, there is a natural advantage as they allow all three visibility zones to be accommodated comfortably. This makes oversized frames ideal for varifocal lenses. 

To keep yourself updated with the trends, opt for the timeless metallic frames that have got both class and a retro appeal. This doesn’t mean that acetate frames are to be avoided as they are great to keep things easy going. 

Round Frames 

You just cannot doubt the versatility of round frames – one of the reasons why they are immensely popular. They hold the ability to light up all face shapes and occasions, and when it comes to varifocals, they are again a brilliant option for both function and style. 

The structure may be a simple circular one, but when applied to glasses’ frames, it is indeed flattering. The pairs that you should look for to stay updated with the trends include the contemporary clear frame round glasses and also the sleek metal frames. 


Wayfarers are a great option for varifocal glasses as their box-like structure makes it simple for accommodating all three visibility zones on the lens surface comfortably. 

You can be assured of a sharp and bold style statement with wayfarers. The iconic thick black frames have still not lost the polished charm that they carry, making them a style that is one of the hottest trends. However, the room is wide open for you to experiment with the other variants of wayfarers too. 

Oval Frames 

While there is not much difference between the structure of oval and round frames, when it comes to style, the two of them are beautiful in their own ways. 

Oval frames have made a solid comeback in the fashion scene, making them one of the favourites among fashion enthusiasts. The style that goes really well with oval

frames is the vintage tortoiseshell patterns, which are exceptional in bringing about a contrasting visual appeal along with balance. 

Varifocal lenses are one of the smartest innovations that the eyewear industry has seen. The fact that they are designed to address complicated problems makes them such a noble innovation.

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