Victoria Falls Water Levels – When is the Best Time to Visit?

The Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls is from February to May, directly after the summer rains, when you’ll see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume. If your goal is to witness the falls’ stunning power and majesty, the high-water season from March to May showcases its full grandeur. Hence, these are considered the Best Time to See Vic Falls

However, if you’re a thrill-seeker eager to challenge the mighty Zambezi River or brave the natural rock pool’s edge, the optimal period is the low water season from September to December.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS   1. Peak Water Levels- March to May 2. High to Medium Water Levels – January, February and June to August. 3. Low Water Levels- September to December 4. Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls: Overview 4. Explore, Experience, and Enjoy Victoria Falls Tours with Us!


Peak Water Levels- March to May

As already established, for those who enjoy intense and overwhelming natural displays, the Best Time of Year to Visit Victoria Fallsis between March and May.

During this period, Victoria Falls becomes an intense spectacle. The sight is so grand that you might find yourself unable to see your hand due to the thick spray of water.

However, this also means that close-up views are limited due to the incredible water force.

  • The falls roar and thunder, with water gushing down at incredible speeds.
  • The spray is so thick it seems to rain upwards – more than an umbrella, you may feel like you need goggles.
  • You might catch quick glimpses of the magnificent wall of water amidst the mist.
  • The sunset through the rain cloud gives an almost eerie, yet beautiful spectacle.

Best Time for

Victoria Falls Rainforest Walk, Victoria Falls Helicopter Tours, and Victoria Falls Sightseeing Tours as you get to see the Falls in full volume as the water plunges in full force through the gorge.

Suggestion: If White-Water Rafting Victoria Falls is on your agenda, we recommend checking with us before making your travel arrangements.

High to Medium Water Levels –January, February and June to August

The Best Time to Go to Victoria Falls for those seeking a balance between viewing the falls and enjoying the water-based activities is from January, February, and June to August.

During these periods, parts of the cliff face are exposed, allowing clear views of the bottom. There’s also plenty of spray and thunder to make the sight impressive.

  • Rainbows and moonbows (full moon rainbows) can be seen in the towering spray. This makes this period suitable for photography tours.
  • The temperature drops, the bush is less dense and the wildlife gathers around permanent water sources around this time. This makes it a great time for Victoria Falls Safari.
  • Tropical thunderstorms are common especially in January and February, adding a thrilling backdrop.

Best Time for

Safari Victoria Falls, water-based activities are mostly available, and of course Victoria Falls Sightseeing Tours!

Low Water: September to December

If you want to know When Is the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls for photography and white-water rafting?  It’s during the low water level period from September to December.

The Main Falls and Devil’s Cataract on the Zimbabwe side continue to flow, while the Zambia side, which is used for hydro-power, tends to dry up.

  • You can capture spray-free shots that showcase the river, cliff-face, stream of water, and cloud-studded sky.
  • The white-water rafting experience is at its most intense during this time.
  • The gorge walks on the Zambian side become less dangerous.

Best time for

white-water rafting, Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls, and Safari Victoria Falls and game-viewing activities.

Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls: Overview

An overview of the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls across all the months of the year is summarized below. We have highlighted the water levels and the Victoria Falls Climate over various months for your reference.

JAN Low Water Rainy SeasonFEB Medium Water Level Rainy SeasonMAR Best Time Perfect Climate for Victoria Falls Tours
APRIL Best Time Perfect Climate for Victoria Falls ToursMAY Best Time Perfect Climate in Victoria FallsJUNE Best Time Perfect Climate in Victoria Falls
JULY Best Time Perfect Climate for Victoria Falls ToursAUGUST Best Time Perfect Climate in Victoria FallsSEPTEMBER Very Good Time Good Climate in Victoria Falls
OCTOBER Low Water Very HotNOVEMBER Low Water Very HotDECEMBER Low Water Rainy Season

Note: Though October to December has a very hot climate in Victoria Falls still due to low water levels in the Zambezi River, these are often considered the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls for water-based adventurous activities.

Explore, Experience, and Enjoy Victoria Falls Tours with Us!

Irrespective of the time of year, Victoria Falls never ceases to amaze. If you’re in doubt, it’s better to see a more powerful display of water than less by considering visiting from March to May.

Also, if you want the best of both worlds, consider visiting between May and September. This period happily aligns with peak and high-water levels and is the Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls for game-viewing safaris too.

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