Vitiligo & Why You Should Buy Active Mineral Based Sunscreen

As anyone with vitiligo will tell you, failing to buy active mineral based sunscreen and wear it on a daily basis can lead to painful pink areas caused by UV rays. It can even happen when the sun’s out, with its effect able to penetrate clouds and cause problems. 

While there’s evidence that having vitiligo actually lowers your risk of skin cancer, it doesn’t stop you from suffering the irritation that comes with a burn. Not only that, but you can end up with older-looking skin, with wrinkles and lines more likely when you’re not properly protected.

So, What Do Dermatologists Say About Sun Protection For Vitiligo?

Now, there’s an important distinction to be made when talking about vitiligo, in that the advice provided will vary in line with whether the person in question is having UVB treatment – something that’s commonly prescribed for the problem. 

Group One : Those That ARE Having UVB Treatment 

The first group we look at is those that are having UVB light therapy. These people are getting all the UV rays they can safely handle as part of the treatment, so not only should you buy sensitive skin sunscreen for face and wear it every day, cloudy or not, but you should also be doing your best to cover up with a hat, sunglasses and loose-fitting clothes.

Every extra bit of UV exposure you get over and above the treatment is likely to lead to burning, aging, freckles and all the usual suspects. 

Group Two : Those That AREN’T Having UVB Treatment

The second demographic is represented by those with vitiligo that aren’t getting light therapy to combat the issue. They – like all of us – should be protecting themselves each day with good quality sunscreen, with a few considerations to be made.

These considerations are:

  • A sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 50 is advisable
  • Ensuring that you buy sensitive skin sunscreen for face with broad spectrum protection
  • Lean towards using a gel, instead of a cream, as it will feel lighter
  • Reapplication needs to occur every 20 minutes or so
  • Reapplication should be even more often if you’re wet from swimming or sweat

Mineral Sunscreen is Often the Best Idea For Vitiligo Sufferers

When choosing which type of sunscreen to buy as someone with vitiligo, many opt for a mineral-based product for a number of reasons. One reason is that it works immediately, providing full protection, rather than having to wait a full half an hour to be protected, as is the case with chemical sunscreens.

Sitting on the surface of the skin, rather than having to be absorbed, mineral sunscreens provide an effective barrier, reflecting rays away before they can do any damage.

Adjust Your Routine & You’ll Get All the Protection You Need

In summary, people with vitiligo can get all the protection their condition requires with a few adjustments to their daily sun protection routines. Buy sensitive skin sunscreen for face as suggested, cover up during the day and don’t pay any attention to whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside – as it makes no real difference to your approach.

You don’t have any choice whether you have vitiligo or not, but you do have the ability to act when you know that having the issue needs to be addressed. 

Adjust your routine to suit your lifestyle, follow these guidelines and you’ll get all the protection you need for healthy, smooth skin.