Ways to Stay Organized While You Travel

Visiting new places is always so exciting no matter how long it takes to plan the perfect trip. It is easy to get too excited before a trip and to forget some important items.

Staying organized during any travel experience is vital for having the best time possible. Preparing properly, staying organized, and packing up again all involve a certain amount of order.

It might seem easy to just throw your belongings into a suitcase and hop on a plane, but this is not the most effective way to begin a trip.

Instead, doing all of the trip preparation in an organized manner will keep everyone sane and having a great time.

These seven methods for staying organized during travel could save you a headache during your next trip.

Use the Right Sized Luggage

    Luggage comes in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on the length of the trip and how many people are sharing the bag, you will need a certain sized bag.

    Long trips will of course require a full suitcase that can fit all of your necessary belongings. If you are only going away for the weekend, however, a smaller bag is more suitable.

    Bringing along only the items you will need and leaving the nonessentials behind will make fitting it all in the right bag much easier.

    A big bag for just a few items is a great way to lose track of what you have in there. In the same vein, a small bag that is stuffed to the brim will make it very difficult to find anything.

    Think about how much you will need for your trip to help you determine what kind of luggage makes the most sense.

Fold Your Clothes Efficiently

    Everyone has their own packing methods. Some organize by item, others prefer to pack by the day.

    No matter what your method is, the way you fold your clothing can make organizing your bags so much easier.

    You want to be able to fit it all in the smallest bag possible without compromising on the organization. For many people who claim to be very effective packers, rolling clothes seems to work the best.

    This method allows you to make what look like small pouches out of your clothing items and allows you to fit more in the bag.

    It also makes it easier to find what you might be looking for because of the way they fit in the suitcase.

    It might be worth trying the rolling method to see if that helps you pack more efficiently! An organized bag is the first step to a smooth-running trip.

Use Luggage Tags

    One of the worst things that could happen on a trip that you planned is somebody taking your luggage. While some people might be rude and try to do it on purpose, others just might make an honest mistake.

    To avoid anyone mistaking your luggage for their own and causing a big, disorganized mess, luggage tags are a smart idea. Tag all of your bags with one that stands out amongst the rest of the suitcases.

    Using tags is also smart for families who all have their own bags. If everyone has their own tag, it will be easier to determine whose is whose.

    Keep the travel bags in order with unique tags that will help you tell them all apart. Just in case, the tags should feature your name and phone number so the bag can always be returned.

Know the Local Currency

    If you are traveling outside of your home country, there is a chance that the currency will not be the same as what you are used to.

    Do a little research to make yourself aware of the local currency in the area you are traveling to. You will have to learn a little bit about conversion rates to make sure you bring along enough cash.

    Instead of arriving at your destination to a shock that you cannot pay for lunch, it is a great idea to be prepared with the currency you will need.

    Many times, you can visit a local bank to purchase the currency that you will need while abroad. You can do it when you get there, but arriving prepared is the more organized choice.

    To make the trip a success, find out more about the local culture and the currency they use to keep your wallet and bank account organized.

Have a Plan

    You never want to arrive at your destination and say “now what?” to everyone that is with you. Even if you don’t want to schedule your days in full, you should arrive with a plan or at least some ideas.

    Think about some fun places you can visit and restaurants you’d like to try while you are in a new location.

    A schedule could keep you even more organized, but those can get tough to stick to when weather changes unpredictably. Having a few options for rainy and sunny days is a great way to make sure you have as much fun as possible.

Own a Key Organizer

    Keychains are heavy and obnoxious and pretty inconvenient while you are traveling. A more efficient method for carrying your keys is using a key organizer.

    Key organizers can hold so many keys, yet they don’t jingle loudly or take up much space. Instead, the keys slide inside the organizer to keep them secure.

    Check out some of the best key organizers that Cool Things Chicago found to really keep the keys you need in place. This is a great organization technique to make sure you don’t lose those vacation rental keys!

    A new way to organize your keys is great for long-distance travel or driving short distances because of how convenient the organizer is.

Unpack Upon Arrival

    A pro tip is to utilize the closet and dresser space that is provided to you in a rental or hotel room. Living out of a suitcase leaves a lot of room for losing items or keeping them in sloppy piles.

    It is also common for clothes to get wrinkled if they say folded in a suitcase for too long. Keep them organized how you would at home in the great storage solutions you have at your disposal.

Having a great travel experience will include staying organized the whole time. Don’t let a mess get the best of you!

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