Some Web Design Pitfalls that Would Impact Traffic Diverted from Instagram

Generating a responsive and intuitive web design could be a difficult task but it is essential to create an intuitive web design if you intend to achieve phenomenal success and growth in your business. Perfect web designing comes with experience and dealing with mistakes. Each time you make a mistake; there is a lesson to be learned. You must learn from your mistakes. There is nothing wrong in making some web design mistakes but it is wrong to fake perfection. Instagram is an extremely popular platform and all businesses are harnessing the power of Instagram to achieve success. Today, Instagram enjoys over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and Instagram posts get on average 23 percent more engagement as compared to Facebook posts according to

So it is best to know the common web design mistakes to avoid as they ultimately would create a negative impression on the minds of the Instagrammers visiting your web portal. Let us explore some of the common web design mistakes. You must avoid the following mistakes as Instagrammers should not be disappointed after visiting your site. According to, 80% of Instagram users are residing outside the United States so you have access to a phenomenal amount of global revenue for the products and services you are offering. Moreover, around 35 percent of the adults use Instagram and out of the total 28 percent of these adults actually, live in the United States and have enough money to purchase your products.

Pitfall: Web Pages Load Very Slowly

Using too many videos and pictures would surely slow down your web portal. Mobile users are looking for comfort and convenience while browsing your site. Mobile users generally bounce off, if your site is extremely slow and visitors are compelled to wait patiently for the site’s pages to load. If your page loading speed is incredibly low, you would be given a very low ranking on the SERP. So it is best to eliminate all unnecessary media that do not in any way add to the overall value of your website. Keep your business goal in mind while you are designing the web portal.

Pitfall: Forgetting to Design for Screens Not Devices

You must make the most of the screen size if you want to create a super-responsive web design instead of using device classification. Certain cell phones seem to be very big and often desktop manufacturers end up matching the TV sizes. You must keep in mind the screen size precisely for responsive breakpoints.

Pitfall: No Idea about Buyer Persona

Web designers must essentially understand and know who the buyers are and what their buying behavior is like. Knowing the buyer persona is of critical importance while designing the website. Among the proactive steps to take are doing adequate research and trying to explore as much as possible to get more information and learn more about consumer psychology or buyer persona. Know your target audience and avoid the typical or the cookie-cutter approach while designing. Respond promptly to follower inquiries and share content on a regular basis. This way you could gain more and more real Instagram followers.


Responsive and intuitive web design is the cornerstone of a website’s success. More Instagrammers would be visiting your site and experience the similar comfort and convenience of Instagram on your website. Focus on building robust relationships and cementing the bond.