What are Composite Fillings?

A composite filling is a type of restoration used to repair holes and damaged teeth. The dentist in Fairfield, ME, will drill out the damaged part of the tooth, clean out any buildup in that area, and fill it up with a material called composite resin.

Composite fillings can be used to repair damage from decay, as well as cracks or breaks caused by trauma or heavy wear. The composite filling material is usually made from zinc oxide, glycerin, polyesters or epoxy resins (a plastic-like material), powdered glass, and pigments to create different shades for natural-looking teeth.

Here are some main reasons for you to get composite fillings.

  1. Chipped teeth

Composite fillings can be used to repair chips, but it is usually recommended that you get a crown instead. A chip that extends into the pulp tissue of the tooth (the root) will not be able to be filled, as it will cause infection in the tooth if left alone. Chips may also only fill a portion of the original damage, and you may need more than one filling to completely repair your tooth.

  1. Closing space between two teeth

If your teeth are leaning over or crowded together, composite fillings can also be used to close the space between teeth. This will prevent your teeth from shifting and make it easier for you to chew and smile. Composite fillings can be used to build up the tooth from the inside out, making it safe and reliable.

  1. Cracks in teeth

When a tooth has cracks, composite fillings can help strengthen it again. The cracks may open up when you bite or chew, allowing bacteria to enter and cause infection. Composite fillings are able to repair the cracks and restore your tooth back to its original condition. They are also stronger than amalgam fillings, so they can stand up to the chewing forces of everyday life.

  1. Decayed teeth

In some situations, composite fillings are hard to use because they can chip off or break when you eat or drink. However, in many instances, this is not a problem as long as you choose the right shade and your dentist is able to make it look just right.

  1. Worn teeth

Some teeth may start to look worn down and need to be replaced. Composite fillings can be used to restore an original, natural-looking tooth by building it up from the inside out. This is important if you want your smile to look as good as it did before the discoloration or wear.

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