What Are Dental Abutments and When Are They Used?

Dental health is about more than brushing your teeth. 178 million Americans live without at least one of their teeth. This impacts how they take medication, drink water, and breathe.

Thankfully, many tools can help you if you lose your teeth. One of them is dental abutments. Another is Dental implants in tallahassee FL.

What are they? How are they used in a surgical setting? How do dentists set them in place, and do they last long-term?

Answer these questions, and you can fill in your smile today. Here is your quick guide.

What Is a Dental Abutment?

A dental abutment is a metal connector used in dental implants. After a dentist installs the implant in their patient’s mouth, they put in an abutment. This holds the implant in place.

A dental implant is a metal fixture that mimics a tooth. It goes where a tooth has fallen out or been extracted. In addition to an abutment, an implant contains a metal post and a fake crown.

Some people confuse an abutment with a bone graft. A bone graft involves taking a piece of bone from another part of the body and placing it in the jawbone. Dental abutments are metal, not natural.

Dental Abutments Uses

The term “abutment” comes from engineering. In that context, an abutment is two pillars that support a bridge.

A dental abutment functions similarly. It connects an implanted crown with a post, allowing them to stay together. It can also connect with other teeth, providing support throughout the mouth.

It is best used for patients who are missing an individual tooth. Dentists can use abutments for several artificial teeth, but a bone graft may be required for additional support.

Once an abutment is in place, a person can use their teeth with little issue. They should avoid applying pressure to the implant for a few days. After that period, they should brush and floss multiple times a day.

The Dental Abutment Procedure

A dentist inserts a dental implant first. They give the patient a local anesthetic; then, they drill into the person’s jaw. Once the hole has healed, they insert a metal post inside.

The jawbone must grow around the post. This can take weeks or months.

After the bone has grown, the abutment goes in. A dentist makes incisions into the gums, then fits the abutment over the post. This may take a few weeks to heal from.

Once the gums have healed, the artificial crown goes on top of the abutment. A dentist may need to make adjustments if complications arise.

But once the crown is set in place, the patient is all set. According to the SoHo Dental Group, implants can last at least a decade.

The Basics of Dental Abutments

Dental abutments are useful tools. They help with dental implants, keeping a crown on top of its post.

They can also connect artificial teeth to natural ones. They are best for people missing one tooth.

The procedure takes some time to carry out. A dentist must drill a hole into their patient’s jaw.

That has to heal; then a post goes in. The jaw has to heal around the post, and then the abutment can go in.

Don’t be confused about your dental health. Follow our coverage for more guides on taking care of your teeth. 

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