What Are Monopoly Slots and How Can I Play Them?

As one of the world’s most popular board games, Monopoly has gained millions of fans all over the planet.

Could the arrival of Monopoly slots introduce the game to a new audience while giving existing fans a fresh new way of playing it?

The Rise of Themed Slots

We need to look at the arrival of the Monopoly slots in terms of the overall rise in themed slots. Rather than relying solely upon classic images such as fruits and bells, online slots creators now add in exciting themes that let players explore ancient cultures, go into outer space, and find other experiences that suit their personality and tastes.

As part of this, several slots have been created with names such as Monopoly Utility Trails by SG Digital. This game brings the classic board game to life by showing images like the famous player tokens that we know so well. It ties in with the Monopoly brand’s issuing of many different versions over the years.

The Monopoly Slots Features 

At heart, these are still slots games where you want to get matching combinations of symbols to earn a cash prize. However, the introduction of the Monopoly theme has allowed the developers the chance to bring in new features and added gameplay.

For example, the Utility Trails title mentioned earlier gives you a chance to collect houses and hotels, as well as having a Waterworks feature and a Community Chest. All of this means that it has a unique feel that really makes it feel like a Monopoly game rather than a standard slot with some images of the board game added onto it.

How to Play a Monopoly Slot

The first step is to choose an online casino that is regulated to operate where you live. You can then search in the lobby for the Monopoly games that they offer. You might also see roulette-style games like Monopoly Big Spin by SG Digital or Monopoly Live by Evolution.

Once you have chosen a game, the next thing to do is set the level of stake that you are comfortable with. These slots tend to have a wide range of betting options, letting you start playing for a small amount or else you could decide to wager more for the chance to get a bigger win.

After that, the reels will spin around on their own, with any wins paid out automatically once the symbols land in their final positions. If you trigger a feature you may be asked to choose an item, spin a wheel, or carry out some other sort of task, so it is worth understanding the bonuses before you start.

Overall, the Monopoly slots are very simple games of chance, so they are suitable for newcomers to this way of playing in an online casino. You don’t need to know the rules of Monopoly or be an expert at playing it to have a chance of winning.

What Does the Future Hold?

The fact that so many new themed slots are being brought out by the top slots developers suggests that we can hope to see more Monopoly slots before too long.

SG Digital have been leading the way on this front so far, but it is possible that other games creators sign deals that let them use the Monopoly name and images too.

If you are a big Monopoly fan or just want a new way of playing slots, you can play Monopoly slots online for real money here.

For the moment, the current collection of slots based on the board game should be enough to keep most fans entertained. 

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