What Are The Different Types Of Vaping?

In the vape community, there is a lot of conjecture regarding different types of vaping available in the market. For example, what kind of inhales, specific devices can produce, which flavors are ideal for continuous use, and which kind of device is the best choice determines the type of vape that suits you. Today, we thought it would be great to break all of this down and explain some of the most common terms related to vaping, as well as how to determine what kind of kit is best for you and why making these decisions will benefit you in the long run. Now let’s dispel all the myths  and clarify what we mean when we discuss the various types of vaping. 

MTL Vs DTL vaping

When you are shopping for new kits, e-liquids, and other vape accessories, you may run into MTL and DTL quite frequently. What does it mean when you read that a new product is “ideal for DTL vapers” or that a new nic salt flavor was “developed for MTL vaping”? These phrases, to put it briefly, explain how you vape. Knowing the distinctions between these two approaches can be very helpful, particularly if you’ve recently started vaping. It could be a good idea to review your preferences and make sure that any e-liquids or other vape products you buy fit your preferred vaping style if you have been vaping for a while. 


Mouth To Lung Vaping


Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping: Mouth-to-lung vaping, or MTL vaping, does exactly what it sounds like. Mouth-to-lung vaping is a great way to get started in the vaping world because it simulates the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. People who switch from smoking to vaping frequently use mouth-to-lung vaping. Mouth-to-lung vaping produces less smoke and is a good way to vape subtly. MTL vaping will maximize the flavor of your preferred e-liquid and deliver robust flavors, even though it won’t produce enormous clouds of vapor. MTL vaping is preferred by many because it is less expensive. This is because, in general, it consumes less e-liquid than a DTL device. 


Direct to lung vaping


It is the opposite of MTL vaping. It may take some time getting used to, particularly if you have been smoking recently and have spent a lot of time using the MTL inhalation technique. Vaping direct-to-lung is beneficial if you enjoy thick clouds and flavorful vapor into your lungs. Majority of people who use vape cloud tricks vape direct-to-lung. Because this vaping style is not like any smoking or vaping experience you have had before.


What type of vaping kit is best for you?


Most vape starter kits are mouth-to-lung, or MTL, kits. These satisfy the needs of the novice vaper who is still used to the feel and experience of a cigarette and come in a variety of forms. Starting kits for vape pens, also known as e-cigarettes, are arguably the most well-liked because of their straightforward appearance and comfortable, pen-like feel. First-time vapers also favor pod starter kits due to their small, portable designs and simple-to-fill pod tanks. With an ELFA vape device, an inventive vape kit, you can freely select your favorite nic salt or e-liquid without having to buy new kits. 


Disposable vapes are a great option if you’re new to vaping or want to use a kit that you wouldn’t mind losing, as you probably already know. They’re a less expensive choice that lets you explore the advantages of vaping without breaking the bank. 

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