What are the factors that influence the choice of promotion?

Regarding advertising and marketing, many factors can affect the decision on what type of promotion to use. Many of these are related to your business model, how your product is sold, and even the price you charge.

Personal selling

Personal selling is also a powerful tool for keeping customers satisfied. It provides insight into their habits. Salespeople can also address objections raised by prospective buyers. They can also use the information to adapt their presentations to meet each customer’s needs.

Personal selling is especially valuable for complex goods and high-value services. As a result, it allows for more flexibility and minimizes wasted effort. However, it is also an expensive form of promotion. To succeed, you must have the right tools and training. Personal selling is also essential for new products. It can promote sales, increase sales volume, and foster word-of-mouth marketing. 

Another significant benefit of personal selling is its ability to build a friendly relationship with the customer. It can improve your overall customer satisfaction and achieve your sales goals.

In addition, personal selling can measure the success of your marketing efforts more accurately than most other tools. Because of the process’s nature, you can assess your return on investment (ROI) more effectively.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion through the help of boostpromotionalproducts.com.au/product/corduroy-bucket-hat/ is a marketing strategy used to motivate buyers to buy a particular product. These promotional efforts include incentives such as discounts, coupons, and vouchers. Determining the most effective type of promotion for your business is essential.

The choice of promotion depends on several factors. One is the nature of the product. For instance, a high-end consumer good needs to be promoted differently than a low-priced convenience item. Another factor is the geographic scope of the market. Those in rural areas may need a different promotional approach than those in urban areas.

In addition to determining the appropriate promotional mix, a firm must also follow the proper practices. An excellent promotional approach can help a company’s business. Choosing the most effective promotional combination will help a firm maximize its profits.


Advertising is one of the standard promotion tools. It reaches a large number of customers at a lower cost. The primary purpose of advertising is to inform and persuade buyers to buy the product.

Advertising is more appropriate for simple, non-technical products. In contrast, personal selling is more suitable for complicated, technical products. Personal selling also involves a great deal of pre-sale services and after-sale support.

Publicity is more effective when it is used for brand-building and to meet market competition. Besides improving brand image, it can also be used to remind consumers of the product’s existence.

A firm’s marketing budget determines the effectiveness of any promotional tool. A limited promotional budget requires that the company choose the promotional method carefully.

Marketing mix

Marketing management should choose a balanced mix of promotional tools to ensure the best results. For example, a combination of paid and social media can be effective. A blend of promotional tools is also appropriate when the budget is limited.

Promotional tools include advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. These activities aim to influence the purchase decision of the consumer. Each element of the promotion mix has its unique features.

Advertising is a significant component of the promotion mix. Advertising includes press ads, TV spots, and magazine ads. It is effective in reaching a large number of consumers. In addition, it is an informative medium that aims to convince customers to buy.

Publicity is a more effective promotion method after a new product’s launch. It aims to improve the image of the manufacturer and increase customer loyalty. Some companies use paid media for this purpose, which can involve search engines and social media platforms.

Personal selling is a great way to reach a smaller group of consumers. In contrast to advertisement, personal selling is much less expensive. Moreover, it can help you persuade the outlets that sell your product to stock it. It is an essential activity for industrial goods sold in larger volumes.

Sales promotion is a common way to attract customers during specific seasons. In addition, it can be used to help stop competitors from poaching your market. If a new product is being launched, offering incentives to increase the purchase is a good idea.

During the introductory stage, trade shows are helpful. However, advertising and sales promotion may be more effective in the later stages. Personal selling can be especially effective for small, diverse markets. 

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