What Are the Main Types of Jewelry for Women?

Research shows over 58% of women love jewelry and want it as a gift. Wearing jewelry makes women feel elegant, and receiving it makes them feel loved.

However, jewelry ranges in price, type, and what it means to the receiver. Navigating the different types of jewelry can be difficult for a first-time buyer. But that shouldn’t discourage you from buying jewelry!

Knowing your way around a jewelry store can help you choose the best types of jewelry for women. This article explores different jewelry options that any woman would swoon over.

Head Adornments

Head jewelry is an often overlooked but vital part of a woman’s wardrobe. Head jewelry can take any outfit from good to great, from crowns and tiaras to hair combs and pins. Many modern women are opting for beautiful bejeweled headbands to complete their look.

Crowns and tiaras add elegance to any occasion and look stunning when paired with an updo hairstyle. Hair combs and pins are both practical and pretty, keeping hair secure and in place while also adding a touch of sparkle.

Bejeweled headbands modernize vintage, art deco styles. They take a modern approach to older fashion and come in various styles with different jewels and metals.

The best part about headbands is that it’s easy to dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.
No matter what style you prefer, head jewelry is the perfect way to express your style and make a statement wherever you go.

Ear Jewelry

Ear piercings have a rich history in many cultures worldwide, and the types of jewelry used to adorn them vary greatly. From the more traditional gold or silver earrings to contemporary pieces such as crystal or animal-themed jewelry, there are many options for ear jewelry.

Consider small diamond studs or elegant drop earrings for a more subtle look. In contrast, a more daring look could feature bold gemstones or statement pieces like feather earrings.

While earrings are women’s most common type of ear jewelry, they aren’t the only type. Ear adornments go beyond studs, hoops, and dangles. Even women who haven’t gotten their ears pierced may enjoy ear jewelry.

Clip-on earrings are always an option. But, many people are adopting ear cuffs as a bold new fashion statement. No matter what type of ear jewelry you choose, make sure it complements your style and expresses your unique personality!


The neck is one of a woman’s most beautiful and prominent features. No wonder there are so many ways to adorn the neck through jewelry. Necklaces are a jewelry gifting option that you cannot go wrong with.

Chain necklaces are women’s most common neck jewelry. Most often, women prefer a dainty chain in silver or gold. From there, one often adds a charm or pendant.

There are plenty of pendant necklaces available at jewelry stores worldwide. But, if you want an especially personal gift, consider a customized pendant.

Customization helps give your loved one a piece of unique jewelry. It makes them feel special and gives them something to show off to friends, family, and coworkers. You can create your own custom pendant online for a convenient, personalized gift.

There are also other ways to adorn women’s necks with different types of necklaces. For example, chocker necklaces are back in style. Or, if you want a bold look, try a bib statement necklace.

Body Piercings and Jewelry

Body jewelry is an easy way to express yourself and bring attention to your body’s best features. When most people think of body jewelry, they think of piercings. Naval jewelry, face piercings (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc…), and dermal piercings are most often associated with body jewelry.

While these items are among body jewelry styles, there are plenty of body jewelry options for unpierced people as well. For those without piercings, there are still plenty of ways to adorn your body with beautiful jewelry.

For example, you can choose gilded body chains to wear over clothes or under them for a secret sparkle. Body chains range from simple waist adornments to ornate chains with dangling jewels that go over your shoulders or down your thighs.

Bejeweled shrugs, shawls, and even clothing pieces have become popular options to add a glamorous touch to any outfit. No matter what kind of body jewelry you prefer, it can add some personality and style to your look.

Hand and Arm Jewelry

Rings are a surefire answer for women wondering how to be stylish. Lately, ring trends have taken off thanks to social media influencers. Now, people enjoy stacking different types of rings, both classy and gaudy, to tout individuality and style rebellion.

That said, there are many rings for women and their loved ones. Some rings hold meaning. For example, an updated wedding band is a timeless choice for couples in love.

If you’re not married but are ready to make that commitment, consider shopping for engagement rings. There are many styles and jewels to choose from in this category, so it’s important to know what your loved one wants before looking.

Of course, you can gift a woman a ring without proposing! There are many decorative rings that you can give for Christmas, birthdays, or just because. Consider adding to her collections with thin, stackable rings or a statement piece with an oversized gemstone.

But hand and arm jewelry doesn’t stop with rings. Bracelets are also an excellent choice for hand jewelry. Bangles are an easy way to make a fashion statement and add a touch of glamor to your look.

Moreover, charm bracelets are perfect for personalization with meaningful charms and engravings, making them a thoughtful gift for a special someone. Or you can go for something more traditional, like a simple strand of pearls or even a watch.

Arm cuffs are also becoming popular as a bold form of arm jewelry. Cuffs come in many styles and materials, such as leather, metal, and wood. They can range from delicate and feminine to edgy and powerful, so you can find the perfect arm cuff to reflect your style.

Types of Jewelry and Other Fashion Advice

Choosing the best types of jewelry for women can be daunting. There are many types to choose from, and you always want to be in style.

Now that you know the main types of jewelry for women, you can better navigate the jewelry store. Whether you shop for yourself or a loved one, you can ensure you’re getting something stylish and timeless.

But why stop at jewelry? Check out our other blog posts for more advice on fashion, shopping, and gift-giving!