What defines your interior décor style?

Culture, history, antiques, or your innate desire to keep your space organized and functional, maybe it is your love for a celebrity, sport, or even a movie? The truth is a survey of your space can and will reveal not just your taste but your personality and generally who you are. The reality is that we are influenced by things happening around us, defined by our history, culture, and tradition. We find an outlet for all these influences through art and art forms. Our style reflects our personality, our desires, fears, and in some cases our soul.

    Interior decoration has given an outlet in such a way that we can surround ourselves with the representation of what we are inspired by. Interior decoration is all about stepping out your boundaries, creating, and designing. It is an expression of our innate nature through art and other mediums in the creation and decoration of a space.

Most of us think interior décor translates to only the choice of color, paint, furniture, and other complementary appliances, without giving much thought to wall art prints, canvas, frames, and paintings. When the wall of space is left empty, space will look empty and bland. With wall art, you can bring your designs together creating a harmonious statement with your design. Whatever theme you are going for, wall arts will easily and flawlessly help you achieve and create a well-completed look. Well-placed wall art can make all the difference to your design and style; therefore, the importance of wall art cannot be overemphasized.

There are many places that one can find interior décor inspiration that can be used to create amazing décor, style, and theme.


The most popular way of getting inspiration for a design is in nature. Nature is an awe-inspiring phenomenon and can be easily translated to design. Either using the season like spring, summer, winter, and fall, you can create a theme using a seasonally inspired color palette, furniture, and wall arts. Not just the season but also of animals and plants, like the emergence of a butterfly, a bird taking flight, blossomed flower, ferocious beasts, and much more. With nature, you never run out of themes and style. We also other nature inspiration includes sunset and sunrise, beaches, waterfall, creeks, cliffs, and mountains. Nature provides a wealth of inspiration for colors, shapes, and design.


Another way to get inspired is through traveling and visiting different places. Asides from the cultural differences, which is an inspiration on its own, visiting different places with different scenery, structure, history, and way of life can be greatly inspiring. These are experiences and memories that may sometimes change your life. Moreover, these are adventures and opportunities to experience another culture and way of life, which can be a great inspiration for the design.


Inspiration for design and style can be derived from hobbies and crafts we have taken up. Most of us have passion for our crafts and hobbies, it is just regarded as a passing thing, therefore this can be incorporated into our design and style.


People in some profession or the other reflect their profession and what they do through their home décor. Carefully placed wall art can make a statement in the design and style. One of my neighbors, who is an engineer has decorated in such a way that reflects the profession of engineering from the rustic design and style to wall art prints canvas, and frames, every individual piece reflects the profession. This can be easily achieved with your choice of color, texture, style, and design.


Many designers get their design inspiration from fashion and trends. Fashion extends to color, texture, and pattern.  For instance, silk scarves can be framed and used as wall arts, you can frame other fabric as well. You can display your fashion accessories as art pieces. Some even use their shoes and sneakers to decorate their homes, while others who are a particular brand or fashion lover go as far as making these brands the theme and style of their home design like the popular Gucci-themed design.

Inspiration for décor ideas is endless and you get inspiration from practically anywhere. From your favorite movies to movie stars and icons, to notable individuals who have made a great impact in history and also our life. The use of wall arts will help you bring your ideas into focus, as well as, harmoniously together. You can find inspirational ideas from online galleries like Elephant Stock. With Elephant stock, you are afforded various options ranging from profession-themed wall arts, flag wall arts, castle wall arts, music-themed wall arts, and much more. These come in premium quality print canvas and frames, with a safe and quick delivery system.

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