What Does CBD Oil Contain?

Despite CBD oils being one of the most popular products on the market, there is still very little information about what CBD oil is and how the ingredients work together. The majority of the mainstream information about CBD focuses on its benefits and why people should be using it.

Fully understanding how a dietary supplement can be beneficial is important. However, what a particular supplement contains is equally essential when deciding whether or not they are the best option.

Here is a breakdown of exactly what a typical CBD tincture contains and how to obtain precise information for a particular CBD oil.

The Basic CBD Oil Formula

All CBD oils are made using the same basic formula at their core. Additional ingredients can be added to this basic formula, and alterations can be made, resulting in different types of CBD oil.

The very first step is to extract CBD from hemp plants. Once CBD has been extracted from the plant, it can then be filtered and processed, ready to be made into a useful CBD oil tincture.

CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil, making it easy to use as sublingual drops. The two most common carrier oils are coconut oil and olive oil. Both of these options are popular among manufacturers because they are natural, typically organic, and considered relatively healthy.

The ratio of CBD extract to carrier oil determines the strength of the CBD tincture. Most CBD companies sell at least a few different strength tinctures. Standard options include full-spectrum CBD oil 1000mg, 300mg CBD oil, and even 5000mg oils for a very strong tincture.

Unflavored CBD oil will normally contain only CBD extract and carrier oil. After this, various adaptions can be made to the basic formula to create flavored oils and products containing different cannabinoid spectrums.

Here are some of the most common methods and ingredients used to manufacture CBD oils

Filtration Methods

There are various filtration and processing methods used determine the range of cannabinoids and terpene that will occur in the final CBD oil tincture.

Full-spectrum CBD oils will undergo minimal filtration methods, retaining all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Many people prefer full-spectrum CBD oils as they provide a diverse range of cannabinoids that can work together within the body and trigger the entourage effect. You should get full-spectrum cbd products from online cbd oil stores to ease your pain, anxiety, and stress.

Alternatively, intensive filtration methods can be used to remove all plant compounds other than CBD, resulting in isolate. Some people find CBD isolate oils to be more palatable; they may have a much milder flavor profile due to a lack of terpenes.

Added Flavorings

Flavored CBD oils contain added ingredients to give them a more enjoyable taste when used as sublingual drops. There are several different ways to add flavorings to CBD oils.

One method is to use terpenes from different hemp plant strains to alter the flavor profile of the CBD oil. The effects of using terpenes to flavor CBD oils can be mild but can also result in a delightful final product. The main benefit of this method is that all the added ingredients have still been derived from hemp.

Another option, and one of the most common, is to use natural flavorings much like those found in foods and drinks. The main advantage of using natural flavorings is that they can provide intense flavors while not adding non-plant-based ingredients to the oil.

The third option, and the cheapest, is to use artificial flavorings. While artificial flavorings can provide the most robust taste difference and are super affordable, they have the disadvantage of adding unnatural, non-plant-based ingredients to the CBD oil.

How to Tell What Is Contained within a CBD Oil

In some cases finding out the detailed list of ingredients within a CBD oil is straightforward. Often ingredient information will be listed on the packaging or as part of a leaflet within the package. However, this is not always the case, and some companies make it slightly harder to obtain information about what has gone into a CBD oil.

When unsure about what is contained within a CBD oil, the best place to start is finding the product on the manufacturer’s website. As part of the product description, there should be an ingredients list and a list of the key cannabinoid within the oil.

Alternatively, finding the lab reports for a particular CBD product should always be possible. It has become good practice for CBD companies to use third-party lab testing to check the quality and potency of their products. The lab report should also test and provide a complete list of every cannabinoid, terpene, and compound found within the CBD oil and the quantity of each one.

When unsure about what is contained within a CBD oil, lab reports are the best way to obtain an accurate list of everything that has gone into the final product.

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