What Evidence Is Used In Car Accident Claims?

Car accident cases can be fatal. Recovering from the damages and the injuries can be challenging for most victims, both financially and non-financially. Although, insurance claims and compensation can provide significant relief to car accident victims. 

You should know that a claim or compensation will only be successful if evidence backs an accident case appropriately. Lack of evidence has often been the reason for many rejected claims. Hence, you must know what evidence is used in a car accident case. 

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Type of evidence used in a car accident case: 

  1. Photos and videos

Any lawyer will recommend you to take photos and videos of the accident scene in any accident. Photographic evidence helps the insurance company to determine and assess the damages and injuries. For instance, if your car has faced damages on one side, it would prove that another driver struck you. 

Such cases can be labeled as hit-and-run accidents, and it could be difficult for victims to prove their side of the story. Although, photographic evidence can directly back the victim’s account and help them establish their innocence. 

  1. Maintenance records

Defective auto parts and mechanical problems with the car can also prove to be a type of evidence. Maintenance records can help provide significant insights in an accident case where the crash was related to another vehicle’s mechanical failure or a defective auto part. 

Maintenance records can also help determine a driver’s duty to maintain their car. If the records indicate that the vehicle was not serviced and maintained up to the standards, the victim can pursue legal action and seek compensation for the damages. The mechanic or the auto shop worker can likely be liable for the crash. 

  1. Medical records

A lawyer’s biggest priority will be ensuring that the victim gets fair compensation for their injuries. The compensation can allow the victim to recover from their injuries. However, fair compensation can only derive from accurate medical records as they could provide insight into the severity of the damages. 

  1. Eyewitnesses and testimonials 

Depending on the accident case, multiple eyewitnesses might be available to provide statements about the car crash. Examples of eyewitnesses can range from other drivers on the road, representatives from medical emergency teams, passengers, or the responding officer to the accident. 

Having eyewitnesses and testimonials as evidence can provide detailed information about the accident and the severity of the injuries. One should also contact an attorney in Albuquerque to preserve each type of evidence for their case. 

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