What is interaction design?

The design of a website, as the showcase of a business has always been an important part of establishing online businesses. That’s why efforts were made and innovative ideas were created, for the sake of improving the design and appearance of websites. 

As such ,many design approaches have been created and evolved over the years to enhance how users feel when entering and exploring a website. UX or user experience design is the approach of prioritizing the users’ preferences, when designing a website. There are quite a few components when it comes to UX design. One of the most important components is called interaction design. If you are looking to start your online business and in need of  services like web design in Dubai, read this article to the end, as we will explain what the interaction design is and how it can positively impact your business. 

What does interaction design mean?

Interaction design, like mentioned earlier, is an important component of the broader term, UX design. It refers to the design process of humanizing the relationship between human and machine. The machine here is pretty much an online software, a mobile app, an online game or a website. In other words, the interaction design approach makes designers capable of guiding the users of a digital product, on how to interact and utilize the product. A corporate web design for a company that provides IT services must be in a way that users who are in need of a special IT service, be able to find it straight away with no difficulty. The interaction design becomes very crucial, if you are after ecommerce web design in Dubai, as people with a wide range of educational backgrounds are supposed to be visiting the ecommerce website. As such, it must be designed as interactive as possible to make sure all visitors are able to take action conveniently.

How does interaction design add value to the business?

The interaction design enhances a digital product’s user experience by improving the product in many aspects. The approach enhances the learnability of a digital product, so it improves the users’ engagement. In addition, as the design is based on users’ preferences, it is more likely for users to interact more with the digital product. Furthermore, the interaction design approach saves a lot of time and money, as a lot of market and targeted user’s behavioral research is conducted beforehand, so unneeded features are eliminated from the design. All these benefits are important for a better conversion rate that is the key for any type of business to be lucrative. 

Interaction design methodologies

The interaction design approach is broken down to five elements that are also called 5 dimensional design.

  1. Words

It’s basically the textual content that is utilized to guide the user on how to work with the digital product. It must be simple and easy to understand. Tags and menu elements are two examples of such textual content.

  1. Visual Representation

Visual elements that act as supplement to the words, refers to all graphical elements such as images, icons, etc. It’s basically anything without text.

  1. Physical object or Space

Physical object is the tool that makes a user capable of interacting with a product. Keyboards, mouse and mobile touch screen are just a few out of many physical objects. The space means the place or location, where  a user interacts with your product. It can be home, office, bus stop and many more.

  1. Time

Time is explained as the time that a user spends interacting with a product. It is a useful tool for users to have a clear mind of their progress. It also allows users to continue with their task later by resuming. 

  1. Behavior

Behavior refers to the feeling a user experiences when interacting with the product. It is a good tool for collecting feedback for the designers to improve the product accordingly.


To stand out of the crowd in such a competitive market, you must consider all possibilities to improve your digital product and in our case your website. Interaction design is now trending and can add great value to your  business. You can work with a reputable digital service provider to check your website in terms of interactivity. Alternatively, if you are thinking of designing a website for your business, just make sure to consider the interaction design as one of the best design approaches. 

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Vivek is a published author of Meidilight and a cofounder of Zestful Outreach Agency. He is passionate about helping webmaster to rank their keywords through good-quality website backlinks. In his spare time, he loves to swim and cycle. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin.