What Is the PEMDAS Rule? What Students and Parents Should Know

Are you a student who feels like your math skills are a little hazy? Or do you have to help your children with their homework and wonder what PEMDAS is?

If you’ve been trying to understand why you keep getting an answer wrong when you apply the PEMDAS rule, or if you and your children are having trouble remembering the order of mathematical operations, then this short guide is for you.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to answer the question, “What is PEMDAS?” Keep reading to learn the order of mathematical operations and how to remember the PEMDAS math rules.

What Is the PEMDAS Rule?

PEMDAS rule is an order of operations that gives the correct steps in evaluating a math expression. PEMDAS is an acronym that stands for:

  • (P)aratheses
  • (E)xponents
  • (M)ultiplication
  • (D)ivision
  • (A)ddition
  • (S)ubtraction

When solving with PEMDAS, follow the steps from left to right. For example, if you have an equation that uses multiplication and division, multiply first. 

What Are the Benefits of Knowing the PEMDAS Rule?

The PEMDAS rule is helpful if you want to avoid the wrong answer. 

With PEMDAS, you are able to solve a math expression without mixing up the order of operations. The acronym is easy to remember too! Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, the PEMDAS rule is helpful to all.

How Can Parents Help Their Children Learn the PEMDAS Rule?

Luckily for you, the PEMDAS rule is already quite easy to learn! The simple acronym allows many children to learn it quickly. 

If you’re a parent looking to improve how fast your child finishes their math homework, start by giving them practice math expressions.

Do you need some guidance on where to find practice problems online? Worksheets on dadsworksheets.com offer a variety of options, from multiplication to the harder stuff like exponentials. 

Encourage your child to start solving today. Math homework does not get any easier than this! 

What Are Some Tips for Teaching the PEMDAS Rule to Students?

Practice, practice, practice!

Nobody is good at math in the beginning. The best way teachers can help their students learn the PEMDAS rule is by encouraging them to practice. 

Of course, this means you will need some math worksheets. Our order of operation worksheets will have your student exceeding in math class. You will find worksheets that focus on each step of PEMDAS, as well as ones that focus on them in conjunction. If you find yourself confused, we have worksheets with keys so you can clarify your answers. 

Other tips include encouraging your student to seek extra help online. There are various educational math platforms online that offer additional help.

Are You Ready to Master the PEMDAS Rule?

The PEMDAS rule is a simple acronym so you can remember the order of operations. Those math assignments just became a lot easier.

But don’t stop here. Get your pencil, check out worksheets, and start practicing PEMDAS today. After all, practice makes perfect! 

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