What Shape Sunglasses for My Face: How to Find the Right Pair

People have been shielding their eyes from the sun with sunglasses for hundreds of years. These days, sunglasses aren’t just functional, they’re also stylish. This means that you don’t want to just pick the first pair of sunglasses that you come across.

You want to pick a pair of glasses that are going to complement the shape of your face and help you look your best. Now, you’re probably wondering about what shape sunglasses for my face will be best?

That’s a great question. And we’re here to provide answers. So keep on reading and we will walk you through everything you will want to know!

What Is My Face Shape?

In order to find the right type of sunglasses, you will need to first recognize what your facial feature are. There are five main types of face shapes. These are oval, triangular, heart, round, and square.

Very few people have a face shape that perfectly fits into one category. A lot of faces contain aspects of different types.

Do your best to look in the mirror and use guides on the internet to see how your face compares. Don’t get stressed if it seems like your face is a mix of different categories.

After you figure out what your face shape is, you can figure out which type of frames will bring a natural balance to the face.

It is helpful to look at your jawline. Is it angular or curved? Figuring out if your jaw is square or round can be very helpful in determining your face shape.

Sunglasses for Square Faces

A square face will usually have angular and bold features. There will be a straight line from the jaw to the forehead.

Thinner and rounder frames that are a little wide will provide a balanced look. Oval-shaped and round glasses are best here.

You want frames that are proportional to the width and length of your face. Round glasses will soften the angles of your face and provide harmony.

When it comes to sunglasses, pick curved frames that are wide. These are going to balance the cheekbones and soften sharp angles. Try going with cat-eye sunglasses for a bold look.

Sunglasses for Round Face Shape

Round faces are all smooth lines and soft curves with a face that is the same width from the jaw up through to the brow. For people who have round faces, the cheeks are going to be full and the chin is going to be round with not a lot of angles.

Unlike other face shapes, a round face has very prominent curves. This means that you want to find sunglasses that will add angles to your face. Round faces look great with angular and bold sunglasses with clean lines.

Consider rectangular frames. These will break up your face structure and make your face look thinner and longer.

Geometric and angular frames will add more distinct and sharp lines to the face. Upswept frames, like D-frame and cat-eye, will help draw attention away from full cheeks.

Sunglasses for Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face is going to have a wide brow that gets narrower as you make your way to the chin. These people have high cheekbones and tend to look cheerful and sweet.

This is usually thought to be the most versatile when it comes to face shapes. They look great in winged-out sunglasses that jut out a bit wider than the forehead. Go with a rounded base to add balance.

Consider bottom-heavy frames. If your chin is very narrow, you can then add more width to the face.

Frames with low-set temples are good if you are self-conscious of the width of your forehead. You will draw attention downward and emphasize the lower half of your face.

If you have a pointy chin, then go with oval sunglasses. These will draw attention toward the eyes.

Lastly, go with rimless or light-colored glasses. These are going to make the sunglasses less prominent and obtrusive.

Go with glasses that have subtle wingtips and a deep base. D-frames and aviators are great.

Sunglasses for Triangle Face Shape

If you have this kind of face, your face is wide at the bottom and narrow on top. Try to go for the opposite with sunglasses. That means light on the bottom and bold on top.

With a mix of angular and round shapes, you can go with cat-eye sunglasses, aviators, and D-frames.

Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding sunglasses that fit your face. This is a universal face shape that a lot of people have.

However, you want to look for sunglasses that show off strong points and distract from weak points. It’s a good idea to add angles to the soft curves of your face. Rectangular and square sunglasses will be best here.

Consider buying fashion wholesale sunglasses for the best deals.

The Importance of Knowing What Shape Sunglasses for My Face

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now know what shape sunglasses for my face are going to be best. As we can see, there are all kinds of face shapes and sunglass types. By knowing more about the subject, you’ll be able to buy sunglasses with confidence in your decision.

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