What To Do If My Spouse Doesn’t Want A Divorce?

You can’t force your partner for a legal separation. However, all you can do is bring your case in front of the courts and try to convince them that there’s no hope for reconciliation. You can show that your spouse doesn’t want to work on the marriage or that they’re emotionally or physically abusive to you. If there’s a child involved, it gets even trickier since courts tend to lean towards children staying with their biological parents. 

You can seek legal help from a divorce lawyer from Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC. They can come up with a plan so that things can be smooth and easy for both of you moving forward.

If your spouse is refusing to divorce you, you are left with a difficult question: how do I get out of this marriage? In such a case, here is what you can do: 

Ask for help from a professional

This is a complicated situation. It is going to hurt, and you are going to lose someone you love. However, it might be best for you to get help from a divorce mediation professional who can guide you through the process and help you deal with all of your emotions. This way, your decision won’t be based on feelings alone.

Make a plan

Once you get help from your professional, make a plan for dealing with this moving forward. You cannot just go in and expect your spouse to be friendly and sign the divorce papers. It won’t be easy, and that is why you must have a plan ready in advance. Sit and talk with your spouse about what is going on with the both of you, and try to figure out where things fell apart in the first place so you can avoid such situations in the future.

Set up the legal documents

Now you are ready to go to the courts. You have made a plan, and you should follow it. The best thing for you is to hire a family lawyer because it will give you the best opportunity to get the result you want. As long as your lawyer can show that your spouse didn’t try to work on things, then there’s nothing stopping them from signing the divorce papers.

If you think your spouse is wrong and refuses to divorce you, try to get help from a professional before it worsens. Hiring a lawyer will allow you to get the best outcome possible.

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