What to do If You Are Stopped For Drunk Driving in Knoxville

If you’re caught driving drunk on Knoxville street, things can get messier than you anticipated. In addition to fines, the judge will take away your license. 

Besides the impact on your day-to-day life, it will also have a significant impact on the long-term trajectory of your life. If you want to keep driving legally, your best course would be to hire a local drunk driving attorney specializing in DUI cases.

The bottom line is that DUI Lawyer Las Vegas convictions are serious, and the judge will take this offense very seriously. If you’re stopped drunk driving in Knoxville, these are some things that you should do.

1. Don’t make any sudden or suspicious movements.

Police officers can’t be expected to know the difference between a person who is manipulating a cop and a person who is legitimately trying to comply with their instruction. Steer clear of sudden movements, such as claiming that you have a weapon in your car. If this happens, police will search your vehicle and find contraband or weapons that would otherwise be missed if they weren’t searching for them.

2. Do not argue

Arguing with an officer is always a bad idea. Don’t tell the officer you were only driving 10 mph over the speed limit “because of the construction.” Don’t say, “I don’t think I was that drunk.” You will do better in court if you don’t argue with the police.

3. Don’t panic

Don’t start yelling, screaming, incoherently rambling, etc. It will only exacerbate the situation. Be clear and concise instead. If you know your rights, then read your rights with the officer.

4. Do not say things that would hurt yourself or hurt someone else.

You will probably lose your first real chance at a trial if the first thing out of your mouth is something that could hurt yourself or someone else.

5. Do not admit to drinking or to having an open alcoholic beverage in your vehicle.

If you admit to drinking, it will hurt your case. If you admit to having an open alcoholic beverage in your vehicle, the prosecution plans on trying to prove that you drank it later. The prosecution may also try to use this against you.

6. Don’t give permission to search your vehicle

If the police officer wants to search your vehicle without your permission, ask to speak with an attorney first, then deny permission for the search while speaking with an attorney before giving up your car keys or signing any documents that say you permitted a search of your vehicle.

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