What to Expect When Getting an Orthodontic Consultation

Everyone wants a perfect smile, but there isn’t much you can do to achieve one on your own. Retainers bought online can only do so much, and they may cause damage to your teeth if not fitted properly. Anyone who wants straight teeth will need to get orthodontic work.

The initial orthodontic consultation may seem scary, but the goal is for them to see what kind of dental care you need. Here’s what to expect from the visit and subsequent orthodontic care. 

Cost of Visit

Most initial visits to an orthodontist cost very little for the patient. However, it depends on the office and your dental insurance. You may also be expected to pay upfront for any procedures you desire says this dentist who does high-quality oral surgery in Worcester MA.

Make sure to know what exactly your dental insurance covers in advance. You don’t want to be caught off-guard when part of the procedure costs more than you expected. 

Medical and Dental History

Know your medical and dental history in advance before visiting the orthodontist. You’ll have to fill out important paperwork regarding your history, as you’d expect from your first visit to any health provider. 

Your dental history in particular may shine a light on a current issue you have, or let them know if you’ve had work done in the past. 

Imaging of Your Mouth

For your first visit, the orthodontist will do imaging of your mouth to get a clear picture of its current state. Dental imaging tools can quickly get an x-ray with no discomfort. They may also use a hand tool to manually look at your mouth or make a mold of your teeth.

Without imaging, it can be difficult to properly assess your oral hygiene and oral cavity. 

However, some people have issues with first visits or can’t always find the time to attend a consultation. In that case, you can get virtual smile imaging done from the comfort of your home using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Initial Treatment Plan

Your orthodontist should outline your treatment plan according to the order of importance. Most likely, you’ll have any current dental issues corrected first. This may require some other dental work before the orthodontist feels safe to continue. 

The patient should understand every step of the plan and why it has to happen. 

Follow-Up Appointments

Once you have your plan, expect to have a list of follow-ups to keep track of. Orthodontists and dentists often get booked months in advance.

You may need to schedule your various procedure dates right after your initial consultation. Make sure to stay in touch if you need to change an appointment date.

Smile Bigger After Your Orthodontic Consultation

People often get anxious about dental visits, but an orthodontic consultation is the first step to achieving a million-dollar smile. Your orthodontist will help you get to your goal, no matter how much work it’ll take. If anything, your biggest concern should be how to maintain that smile long after they finish. 

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