What Type of Facilities do You Need in Pet-Friendly Apartments?

Pet-friendly apartments are not limited to Manhattan. You can find these types of apartments throughout Brooklyn and Long Island City, as well. In addition to amenities for pets, they may also offer services like doggie daycare, pet spas, and in-building training. Some even have dog wash stations for owners to use to clean up after their pets. Read on to learn more about pet-friendly apartments and what they can offer. How to rent a pet-friendly apartment?

Pet-friendly apartments are becoming more common

However, you should be aware of the restrictions on pet breeds that building owners impose on their tenants. Most apartments disallow certain breeds, including Pitbulls and Rottweilers. As such, most New Yorkers look for smaller breeds of dogs. If the landlord doesn’t ban small breeds, you may still have to search elsewhere. However, the law of supply and demand would suggest that the value of pet-friendly buildings would increase.

They have amenities for pets

In addition to offering a pet-friendly environment, upscale residential properties are increasingly making room for your dog. The addition of pet amenities has made it easier for renters to live with their pets. According to the Urban Land Institute, these amenities started to appear in the early 2000s, but they took off after the recession and the postponement of kids and marriage. Millennials have also embraced the idea of living with their pets, so many buildings now have designated pet areas.

In addition to pet-friendly units, some apartment buildings have their amenities. These facilities may include dedicated dog parks or a communal area for pets. A dog park is especially convenient in urban areas, where local parks are few and far between. A dog park is a great place for your pup to run and burn off some of his energy. Some apartment buildings also have indoor dog runs. This allows tenants to enjoy the fresh air while being close to their pets.

They charge extra fees

Many landlords will charge extra fees for tenants who own pets. Be sure to check local and state ordinances before deciding to rent an apartment to a person who has a pet. Pets are expensive to own, and an expensive pet fee could discourage potential tenants. Some landlords also prohibit certain breeds of pets and limit the number of pets allowed in an apartment. If your landlord does not allow pets, you may want to look elsewhere.

In addition to pet rent and pet fees, you may need to charge pet deposits. Most apartment complexes and rental properties will require a pet deposit to protect themselves against potential damage. Pets can cause minor to severe damage to apartment interiors. Depending on the type of pet, this damage can range from scratched floors to urine stains on carpets. In extreme cases, pets may chew on door frames and break appliances.

If you have a pet, you will find that many apartment properties are now pet-friendly, particularly in cities with high percentages of this demographic. For instance, Seattle and Washington, D.C. area is home to nearly five-fifths of the pet-friendly apartment market. But in the case of Seattle, the number of pet-friendly rentals is more than double the national average. And while Washington, D.C., and Portland are both highly populated cities, these aren’t the only cities where pet-friendly apartments are popular.

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